Did anyone get any OWL rewards?

I wanted the skin too and the JQ one. That’s why I tuned in for it.

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Nope! I did get the 5 tokens by the hours watched so I certainly know I should of gotten them. This seems to happen almost every single time they host one of these events. The rewards for this one were really nice though and I’d hate to miss out because of a bug. I already lost pink mercy, lego bastion and echo’s stream event rewards.

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It’s busted.

On Twitch when they use it … you get your rewards NP and you get to see how much time exactly you’ve contributed to earning it.

On YouTube all I could do was keep watching, hoping and once an hour hitting page reload to show I was still actively viewing. But no rewards at all from the YouTube side.

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From my experience, there’s been issues on both Twitch and YT over the years. Sometimes there’s the odd problems where the rewards take a few days to process but they usually come in pretty quick.

Now the OWL Finals this year had a lot of rewards on offer plus sometimes over 400’000 people watching the stream at once so it’s a lot to process and may take time of course, but considering the viewers who wanted to use their rewards to purchase some of the limited time skins on offer before they left the shop, which they have now missed due to the delays.


Well, now we have an update

So is it possible that we might get the rest of the stuff soon then? Because i’m missing some icons, spray, grey skins and tokens.

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i dont know that its a YT problem, i watched on the OWL site while logged in with accounts linked and still havent gotten anything.

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I hope we do get the rest of the playoffs and grand finals. I got 115 tokens. 12 hour mark reward and the grand final 1 spray and the pulse pistol reward and the pastures one(if that was apart of the rewards, correct mw if im wrong. If we dont. Pretty much wasted that much time, even then i watched MORE than the required hours.

I received tokens but got none of the skins myself. I submitted a ticked before the grand finals about it cause I know I had watched every single day and had well more than the required amount for the skins.

I only got a response today and they only told me about Twitch drops… for a YouTube event.

I got rewards up to hour 9, even though I watched everything + the encores. This is bs

I didn’t even get the Winston skin & w/e the other reward was from the Halloween event.

Yeah it’s actually scuffed;
I’ve received the Pulse Pistol name card but not the Sojourn skin, both of which are on the same reward block.
I watched plenty of Playoffs and I’ve gotten drops only for the first 12 hours.

Yeah i mean the owl twitter did acknowledge that stuff from the grand finals are missing and are trying to fix it, but god knows how long that will take? And i just hope they also care about givig us the grey skins and not just the stuff from grand finals.

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At this point they may as well just give everyone all the stuff and go “We’re done with youtube” now the contracts over.

No worries! For just the low price of lots of money you can get whatever you want!

It took roughly like 2 weeks to fix mei. So i say atleast 1-4weeks. Or over a month.

As far as I can tell, I got all the OWL skins for the OW1 heroes, but I haven’t logged in to check if the patch gave me the OW2 heroes yet. I don’t keep close enough track of my OWL tokens to know if I got all the tokens I was promised, though.

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Damn u got all overwatch 1 OWL skins. I only got up to the 12 hour mark with 115 tokens, i got the pulse pistols card but i dont have the grand finals spray 2…

They should straight up give us all whoever watched it all bc i watched over 30 hours. If not well, people not gonna watch it anymore and they’ll def move back to twitch…

i was sure that there is a problem because i was getting only 15 tokens per steam even if i have watched 8 hours i only get 15 tokens in total i only got 125 tokens in the whole event i have watched the official and encore ones and only got 125 token and some skins therefor i haven’t received anything from the patch or in GF stream

I just don’t understand what is taking them almost 3 weeks to give out drops when they have almost never had any problems like this prior, hopefully this mean the YT deal is ending.

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