Devs on Roadhog's buff

I was wondering if the devs could give a little insight in what they are changing on Roadhog in the next PTR patch. As a Roadhog main since before S1, i am very interested and curious in what changes await him. Its been too long old friend.


I would say animation changes to how the hook interacts. Or speeding up certain things.

“Fixed a bug where roadhog would occasionally get kills.”


The animation is probably for quicker shoot/reload/hook. Since it’s just tuning and not huge changes

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Fixed a bug that sometimes let you pick Roadhog in the game :frowning:


Have an upvote. More communication is always good.

I haven’t played him in comp as my main since around season 5-6. I just would like to know what I’m working with when it comes to him since he is delicate to balance.

This post all day everyday.

Please give me a little more insight

I got to masters with Hog then I stopped playing for the most part because he is just in such a bad state. With Brig’s release and Ana becoming meta, it’s not even fun to play Hog anymore.

My problems with Hog:

1. Feeds too much - This should be the priority fix imo. Give him a thick skin passive or something where he grants less ult charge.
2. Spread is too wide, making kills inconsistent when going for key targets with hooks. Hooking and shooting Sombra or Ana and not even getting them to 1/3 health is just silly when it’s a guaranteed kill on many other squishies.
3. Doesn’t feel threatening, so often can be ignored til late fight.
4. Reloading takes forever
5. Huge head hit box makes him squishier than he should actually be

I am happy with the announcement of Hog changes, but i am angry because i dont know what are the changes.

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My hope is that they finally fix hook placement for him. Its sometimes BS that you hook someone and they end up anywhere but in front of you

yeah the worst thing they could do is over tune roadhog and make the entire player base hate him again and then nerf him back to oblivion.
this is what im talking about. How am supposed to follow up with a hook like that?

its always fun having a hook placed directly on your head, lucky that is more rare than it used to be

I expect the animation changes are to make hook animate better it looks odd when thrown. No actual changes to speed or anything.

I think his buffs would be to his shotgun spread to make it less random like they did for Doomfist and now and maybe a faster reload.

This is an interesting outlook. I’ve been wracking my brain a bit trying to think of things that are considered “balance/tuning” changes and require animation work, of which there are very few.

However, it’s entirely possible that they are two separate changes coming in one patch.