Devs have repeated their mistakes... yet again

That literally is not her problem at all. She already does ~20% more healing than other supports.

Her problem is that she has no solid skillful utility to add to her team. This prevents them from buffing her numbers to make her viable at high ranks (where she is currently useless) without making her oppressive in low ranks (where she is already quite formidable).

They ran into this exact same problem with Reaper and Sym but their solution was to balance around low ranks and leave them useless elsewhere.


Oh, get out of here with that rhetoric.

For years, I’ve seen 18 out of 20 daily posts about Moira talking about her DPS being too high for a “support”.

That whole utility argument is so 2019 that it’s not even funny, since it’s so brand new.

Her damage orb was nerfed simply becuz it did too much damage for its dumbness and that IS what I said in my topic statement.

excuse me sweet heart

This problem actually comes back to top down balancing. Moira isn’t supposed to be played as a dps, so the devs cannot balance her around a wrong playstyle. Moira has the lowest dps in-game. Clearly if someone cannot kill her or cannot NOT get killed by her, they should practice more.

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I like the cut of your jib, judging by your sensible logic.
But sadly people on OW don’t usually play the hero that they were given as how they should be played.

People will always play:
Charge Reinhardt,
Sniper Ana
Wall skater Lucio
Pistol Mercy
DPS Moira
AFK Sombra
George of the jungle Wrecking Ball
and etc
whether we like it or not.

But that doesn’t mean the devs should nerf the exploited skills in the wrong way.

If Moira’s DPS on her damage orb was too high, then they should’ve halved it, NOT make it into a spitball skill that retains its damage.

I hope you get my point.

What makes you think that it was because her damage was too high and not because her damage is too easy?

This was the reasoning for their changes. The goal seems to be to increasing her skill ceiling. You’re just misinterpreting it and then getting mad about it for some reason.

these are changes I could actually get behind, not nerfing her entire kit via 2 sec Fade cd nerf. It flamming ridiculous.

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Hey, buddy: read my lips

I hope you got that now.

I don’t care what their goal is.

Just becuz the devs say so, doesn’t mean it’s good for the hero nor the game.

It’s not that I misinterpreted it, I disagree with it.

Moira has 65hps + orb on an AOE basis for healing and coalessence.

All of her damage tools are much weaker than her healing counterpart how the hell is damage the problem ???

It was one of the many reason people had a problem with this character to begin with especially with such an already forgiving and rewarding kit.

None of them are dead but sure keep telling yourself that.

Also gender has nothing to do with you having no clue on how this game works.

It really is, people should stop malding over every changes to their characters and actually start getting gut.

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That’s still different from what I’m saying. It could deal virtually no damage and still be too easy because its live iteration is of an ability that is essentially a skill check. This is bad because in part due to it Moira is really good in low ranks and really bad in high ones. Numerical tuning of a broken ability like that does nothing.

In that case there’s nothing much else to be said. You think that she should be buffed to do more healing and I (and apparently the devs) disagree because she already does a massive amount of healing compared to the rest of the support roster. Low healing has never even been on the radar when it comes to Moira’s list of problems.

You must’ve been living under a rock cuz that’s what this forum ALWAYS talked about.

Then you make the students get better NOT making the tests harder.

I mean, why do people like you think this way?

If a core of a problem is evident that her damage is more prominent than her skill, then how about nerfing the damage so that it’s less impactful in the game?

Why do you people always force things to get harder for no reason just to solve a simple problem?

Never said, dead. Gutted.

Never said gender mattered. I found it interesting.

And people should start to read the god damn post more thoroughly before they post something :sweat_smile:

there’s no way, do you really think they are nerfing heroes according to their genders ?


They didn’t want to lower her damage they want to up her skill floor. In fact they wanted to increase her play potential which would actually increase her power.

are you stupid? do you really think blizzard genuinely thinks “hmm, i hate women. guess its time to act on these feelings by reworking a female character.” youre not special enough for blizzard to be hellbent on “killing” your favorite characters. stop with this stupid victim mentality. its a video game.

They tried that. It ended up being so that she did more damage via quick melee, than using her succ

So they abandoned that attempt. The thing is her damage can’t realistically get any lower.

It can probably get harder to use (current exp).

It can probably get shorter-ranged (with upped damage to compensate).

But her damage is already so low it can’t really get lower.

they did not kill Sym… I’m sorry, but current Sym is good, even top tier on some maps.

Mercy’s still good.

Brigs ok. needs some love

No, this was their only option, due to Free for all Death Match being a thing. She has to be, like all heroes, capable of putting out reasonable DPS, so now they made it harder to be “EZ Mode” about it. Not saying I agree with the mentality, but people will complain if they can’t play a hero.

I really think you are wrong about the Moira changes being a buff to high elo. I think it pretty much nerfs her all across the board.

its not going to help her at high elo lol. As she is she isnt used. After the experiment she is worse. She cant compete with Ana at all.

If fade cleansed the group of antinade she could maybe compete.

Things that would help her at high elo are probably:

Reduce her beam to sym/zarya levels of accuracy and buff its damage/healing resource regeneration/self healing

Tighten her healing spray to 0.4 like Ana’s healing. And increase its healing


Having to “HIT” with the ORB is a HUGE change to Moira. I understand the change, I just wish there was more counterplay to be had with it.

Would be welcomed buff to Sym if her TP was a gravity well for the orb and TP’d it away…