Devs are still MIA

Still no response to:
-Bastion megathread
-Any Mercy thread
-Rein Bug fix threads
-Reaper buff threads
It’s been weeks since they’ve even shown up here. Can we get answers please?


Don’t forget Roadhog’s buggy hook! But yeah, it would be nice to get some kind of update.

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I don’t understand why peeps expect a response. Did the devs used to do that?

Oh lord, that needs to be fixed. Hooked a widow the other day only to have it go through her body :).

Honestly a more communicative dev team would go a long way here. In multiple fronts I mean as it is there’s almost no point in paying feedback since we all know that that don’t read it (bastion, Sombra, Mercy, and the multiple bug threads).

They only post on here right before a patch goes onto PTR, or occasionally onto Live if it skips the testing step.

It’s because anything they say causes a major fire on here, especially when they say words like “think”, “believe”, and “currently” which are meant to be loose terms indicating that the opinion could change at a moment’s notice, but are taken as the unchangeable gospel and immediately written in stone to call them a bunch of liars when they do end up deciding to change things a little months to a year down the line.

As such they’d rather not say anything until it’s definite and already set up to get put through, and even then it’s right before it goes up so the flames sorta cross over, mitigating the time it’s spent burning.

Jeff posted 2 days ago.


FizCap has taken over.

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We got jebaited…

So there are two different kinds of threads you’re talking about:

  1. Bug threads, which don’t belong here and which it’s not generally the job of the particular devs who post here to collate.
  2. Balance threads, for which the developers have repeatedly said “we think it’s fine, but will monitor the situation”, and which repeatedly has done nothing more than further inflame you guys anyway.

This is a forum that the devs occasionally participate in, not a support helpdesk. You have no expectation that your special snowflake thread gets a response.

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Reaper dont need.any buff

jeff’s actually been pretty active in the past 3 days

For once a while, i’m rooting for they to stay this way.
Everytime they come, they bring bad news about something.

It is not as though the bad changes will stop just because they do not talk about them. At least you have time to prepare/absorb it or whatever. Honestly, I am not even sure what you are talking about as the latest responses were generic outside of Rialto changes. So I am guessing you really enjoy Rialto the way it is?

You expect too much from them. The less you expect, lesser the disappointment.

Pretty sure the devs at this point are like, “fuuck it, we don’t care anymore”

Maybe they are on holiday? They deserve holidays at least.