Destination: Malevento

You’re actually rubbish at trolling, stop wasting your time.

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Hi! I’m very new to the game, didn’t realise how toxic these forums are though. I am not associated with this person in any way

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How cute, what a fragile ego… :wink: :rofl: :upside_down_face: :thinking:

ill play this.

while waiting for comp games

Awesome DM map, and pretty much the only one I want to play. Good variety of spaces for fights to occur and enough space and walls that I have time to breath between fights.

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Sheesh you have time to develop maps for that sinkhole called ‘deathmatch’ but for other modes you suddenly don’t have time…

And besides that the deathmatch crowd already received a map some months ago(kanezaka)…

Gives us a new payload map…


More like 5v5 is gonna screw with map balance. Arcade maps are the best we’re gonna get.

you can add this but can’t fix the inactivity bug that’s been out there for at least a month now?

man you’re literally everywhere and you’re always being a repetitive d-ck. grow up.


This is the first FFA map that I actually like. Nice work.

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Better not to engage directly with a troll.


Awesome DM map! Feels very hectic & fits the mode. And the art is lovely!

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The Stained Glass with the Lighting looks SO GOOD.

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Very beautiful map, no doubt about it. It’s a Boop haven, that’s for sure. I do wish the main church was bigger, like Kings row in the starting attack room.

I’m still puzzled why we’re getting FFA maps over QP/Comp maps. I know we just have Chateau Guillard, kanezaka, and Petra, but I would love to see Ayutthaya, Antarctica, necropolis, and other “elimination” maps as deathmatch maps.

I’m going to speculate because this is probably a B-team making smaller maps to get experience with the map design system while the primary map design team is 100% focused on OW2.

Who names a place “bad wind”? That’s just asking for fart jokes.


Is deathmatch really that popular that the two newest maps you’ve released have been for deathmatch. It’s the one thing I almost never play in the arcade is deathmatch, but maybe thats just me.

I haven’t even played the map since it’s released and not really motivated to either.

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Definitely not popular enough to warrant what we’ve been if OW2 wasn’t happening, but the upcoming 5v5 change means that new maps are taking a difference balance approach (like more cover). Adding in new core maps right now would mean that they would probably be very bad to play on.

Nope and that is what really bothers me. When it happens for them to make stuff, it is always for modes that barely anyone cares about.