Destination: Malevento

Is this map locked to free-for-all like the last map?? Or can we play it in 4v4?

And if so, why? The last map is the only map in the game locked to FFA and it seems silly.

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oh well, here’s another one :b just to prove you wrong :joy:

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Tight, more FFA maps, for those who don’t like team-based modes and prefer playing the game like an arena shooter.

Feels like the surge in new FFA maps either means they’re used as “testing grounds” for new level designers, or they play a significant role in some OW2 modes. Just speculating…

i know i was joking lmao, i’m italian myself

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Maps are cool and all, but when they are locked with deathmatch which is what this game wasn’t to begin with. That sucks.

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exactly, they were just made up for the movie Luca, duh :roll_eyes:


Great map! Especially for Workshop, :+1:

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yeah, after about 15 games

it’s just a smaller Chateau, 4/10, still better than Paris

Yaaaaay another Deathmatch only map that I’ll only play in arcade when it cycles around with a free loot box and when I’m waiting in queue for a normal match.

After playing it a couple times, seems like all the action always ends up funneled into the rotunda.


I’ve had a lot of success just staying on the sides and picking people off as they make their way to mid.

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Thanks for yet another useless map that i personally won’t play on :roll_eyes:

And even no new mini event to go along with the map too…So trash.


While different portions of the map favor certain heroes, the overall aim, says Thomas, “was to try and create a rock-paper-scissors balance with the flying, hitscan, and flanking heroes.”

And what you ended up making is a Doomfist player’s paradise. Good luck having fun on this map when you’re getting pummeled by four Doomfists.

What a disgusting attitude.

The OW1 team has effectively been muzzled until OW2 in the sense they can only release some basics: comics, minor lore, DM maps.

…and here you are ‘like farming’ with such a disrespectful comment to people who have spent their talents doing the only thing for OW1 they’re able to.

You are a terrible human being… :slightly_frowning_face:


Lol yeah this map is hella good for Doom. I saw a ton of them in the 15 or so games I’ve played, though luckily none of them have been any good. They’ve all been either bottom 4 or have had a >5 point difference from the dominating players.

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i don’t play deathmatch, very rude to insult but i won’t take this personally (especially from someone with a hidden profile)


Wow… no need to take it that far.


It’s okay. I won’t judge you for all the people that spent their time making this map for you to make a lame comment not to their faces for ‘likes’ on a forum… :wink:

Nice use of an alt with 1 post to defend your main. What a fragile ego… :wink: :rofl: :upside_down_face:


Sorry Yosh, didn’t mean to highlight your ‘1 post alt’ that was defending you out of nowhere… :wink: :rofl: :upside_down_face: