Deranking 8 divisions down (From plat to silver)


I have been playing for a few days now DPS role the most, I was plat 4 in DPS. In short story I went on a loss streak, intense one. Ever since then I went down to gold, and then to silver and it looks like I am going all the way down to silver 5 or bronze. Every match I get is one sided (more often to the other team) I am worried that I don’t understand competitive system so far… Is it because you loose “that one match” that you continue to derank in order to balance you?

If that’s so I would understand =)

If someone could explain competitive in a “technical” way I would appreciate, so I can decide if it’s worth to play Overwatch or look something else. After all, it becomes less fun when I see my screen go “5 - 14” kinda makes you wanna play something else.

I placed this in bugs though I don’t think it’s a bug, it is true that I am not the best player all the time but going from plat to silver should be enough to make someone investigate what’s going on.

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Play something else, you are not a competitor if you have such mindset, considering what you have described and the way you react to difficulties. The rank up should not be a reward in your mind, but self-improvement instead which will be reflected upon your rank right after.


if you are new, and got carried by your team for your first 5 placements on DPS then you do not belong in plat for that role.

if you are not new, perhaps you spent some time away from the game, thus it is trying to figure out where you belong. if you cannot carry a silver game, you do not belong in plat.

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Were you “ Rage Reqeueing” ??? Don’t do that , thats a terrible idea , that is the very best way to derank.

Constantly hitting the comp button and trying again and again while angry will end up in a massive slide in mmr.



Plat 3 being DRAGGED down by imbalanced teams. Just got to gold 5, 98%. Now as it brings up Silver players being accused of smurfing and hacking, but folks are standing still.


No, I’ve been playing from season 3. I had around 160 games this season, steady gold/plat and suddenly it just dropped down =)

The fact you say “steady Gold/Plat” already proves you weren’t very steady to begin with.

Your inconsistency made you bounce between Gold and Platinum, and as of late, your performance wasn’t on pair with the requirements for optimally grind through these ranks and made you drop down to the rank you are now.

Chin up! Don’t give up and you will get back to your rank and possibly even further!

Lol dude makes it to plat and youre blaming his mindset. Smh.

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Two people with the same feeling (meaning countless others as well). This is what I’ve been describing ever since mid-season. Next season they’ll POST announce something they’ve been trying, or some “fine-tuning”… It sounds like they’re structuring the ladder in some way.

Seems you are maining tracer this season. Tracer is in a bad way this season as it seems almost everyone can kill him, healers included. Unless you can improve on him you are on the fast route to bronze.

If you look at all your DPS you are in the bottom 20% for damage and elims on almost all of them. Given your tank is silver and your heals is gold 5 and given your low damage I’d suggest that your DPS should probably be around there too.

It could be you are just struggling to deal with the high damage bastion meta that has erupted this season along with Illari’s dmg and heals.

if you can drop rank that fast, maybe look at ur gameplay?

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At that point, just have fun. I too deranked from plat to silver this season. I feel bad for people in silver that get me on a tank role–tends to be a major stump 3 to 4 out of 5 matches, but I’ve never had so much fun doing whatever the hell I wanted on a tank in OW2, especially if I get the rest of the team to follow my positioning suggestions.

Pretty sure it’s not a bug, but “working as intended”. Take this opportunity to play the hero you want to play and get better at it, since you’re on a easier rank.

Should I/you be in this rank? If the matches are that largely flexible for your pick…maybe or maybe not, but might as well enjoy the stay, right?


You must be playing different game or something.

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Things seem to be getting far worse with matchmaking, ever since the last major patch things have felt ‘off’. I’m now losing games at a 70-90% rate when it was about 50% earlier. Every match seems to have at least 1 player who has half the stats of the rest of us - if the other team has two healers with 15k healing each, the one on my team will have about 7k (and no damage dealt). Many games i’ll end up losing with GOOD stats and a 3x KD ratio. These games will feel like playing a 4v5, where you’re constantly thinking “…where is everyone…?” - turns out they’re just extremely passive players who don’t do barely anything.

It’s easy to say it’s my fault, but given the teammates often have HALF OR LESS the stats of the rest of us (while going 2-15 or something, dead for 80% of the game’s time), I think that accusation becomes invalidated. It’s tolerable when it happens once or twice but when every single game becomes this, it’s not any longer worth playing.


What did I say, to make you say something like that?

Silver is actual hell. It was hard even carrying with me and a buddy consistently running tank/dps and dropping 40+ kills at bare minimum. Once you get silver or somehow bronze.
glhf it’s going to be rough even hard carrying.


bronze/sliver are the worst ranks, you really have to hard carry your bad teammates in order to rankup


Silver is rough compared to plat/diamond on average.
But usually the skill gap on average is tighter in higher plat and up which makes it easier.
Where silver is on average, smurfs, or people on your team who shouldn’t leave qp.
Just a horrible state of the game because Blizzard decided stats don’t matter anymore.

Might as well force people to have a team for comp. Not like it’s any different lmao.
(Waiting for the usual “Get that sigma male grindset mentality” lol)


Yeah, I got a bug in season 5 that dropped me and kept me in Bronze 5. It dropped me when I had some bad games where I went 5-4 /5-5. Then I went 10-0 a few times and it never ranked me up out of Bronze 5. It also said I had the same percentage. Ever since then it’s been murder to carry these games on support. I’m almost out of it but something ridiculous(smurf, cheater, thrower, leaver) will make me break even. I’ve tried every single support and worked hard on getting better with no result. I just really need to farm 3 more gold weapons and I won’t ever have to play comp again. It truly sucks I have to play with such terrible players. Everyone in my QP games are silver-plat, which is why they’re better games.

MM boosts sometimes where you do not belong, somehow, my friend, somehow. Do not overestimate yourself in a short run. Consistency is a key.