Delete sym turrets and let Sym Headshot

Dont get me wrong I love the idea but people would complain about her doing such high damage that the devs would just mercy nerf her whole kit and I’m not sure were ready for round 2 of symmetra being gutted.

That’s why I suggest lowering her default damage by a bit, and maybe (another idea), slow the rate she levels up her charge, but it charges up faster when getting critical hits.

Instead of the damage going from 90-185(If I remember correctly), it would go from 75-150(150-300DPS, but only if you get all crits, even then, you can change the crit factor to 1.5 instead, so it would do 112.5-225DPS), and it ranks up slower, but when the beam is critting, it charges up faster.

Kinda removes the entire lore of her building stuff with light.

Her turret is not in her lore. I don’t remember seeing it in her comic.
Also, she still has teleporter, and I’m thinking she could get her old throwable shield back, so she would still be a builder.


I feel she needs a way of combating with her constructed physical things at least. I don’t know how, I leave it to Blizzard to be creative with what she can build that isn’t just turrets. They’re supposed to be ‘architects’ so something structure based?


She could do much cooler things like creating floating platforms and use hard light to create all kinds of new technology turrets are just the thing they chose for her to create in game. (Rather boring if you ask me).

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I DEFINITELY agree with you, thats why I come up with ideas to make them NOT stationary and make them more useful. Having stationary turrets maybe good for defense but they don’t provide any support or survival for symmetra.


"Eyebots" instead of Sym sentry turrets? something like this?

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Pretty sure no one asked for the turrets to be DPS-oriented. That was another change that was kinda slapped onto the kit for no reason, with the slow being removed and the turrets being compressed making them considerably worse at covering ground.

the slow never was removed. They made it so you can’t stack different sources of slow(no Rein shield slow and turret slow, or mei slow and turret slow)

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Or turret slow + turret slow, meaning their max slow strength was reduced to 33%.

It wasn’t removed, true, but it was kneecapped as a viable contributor.

Headshots with a beam just… I dunno, never liked the idea.

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Quote from Josh Noh, a developer,

"The turret slow does stack with itself, so 2 turrets will slow an enemy more than 1 turret will, unless that enemy is already slowing themself by a higher value. The new stacking rules are for splitting out friendly (ie. self slows) and enemy slows and taking which is greater.

So if Reinhardt has his shield out and is slowing himself by 50%, then you won’t notice him moving even slower until an enemy slows him by a value greater than that 50% (such as 3 Sym turrets hitting him).

The new rules were to help prevent heroes that slow themselves from effectively being rooted when affected by an enemy snare as well."

Ah, okay. That’s not that bad then.

I lowkey wish she had visual rework for her photon projector and hardlight effects, if only she could shoot geometric shapes, it seems silly but the name “projector” makes you think that the weapon should project 3D shapes. Her orbs are just balls of light. Blizzard could give her a health pack dispenser (not direct heals), a second option side with her teleporter. Her ultimate could be a force barricade that charges forward blocking enemies, but allows her teammates to pass through the wall. Anything “structure” based wouldn’t be very useful unless if it was some deployable look out tower for high ground :rofl: That would be SOOOO ridiculously funny and probably op (unless blizz made it very wea…nah they wouldn’t add that to overwatch :joy:).

Instead of shooting orbs, she must shoot polygons.
And she must construct additional pylons.

A 3D geometric polygon orb would be cool and very fitting. It could come in different geometric shapes based on charge time.

Her turrets are effectively functional as claymores, bouncing Betty’s, or C4 in other games, and yet they are not okay in this game. I find this opinion silly, and I’ve only seen non-mains wish for them to be cut.

They just need to buff/fix her tp and primary range to 15. Everything that everyone complains about her needing, can be solved by just buffing/fixing her tp and giving her reasonable close range. But the devs are acting cowardly about it and have been since they reworked her.

Have you looked at the post I linked? they are a Sym main.

If they buff all her things, Sym just gets more hate. I want Sym to be good. I want her teleporter to be good, but she can’t have them because she has turrets.

Her turrets are not like claymores. They are more like a beartrap if anything, and they are bad at that as well. They are an annoyance.

Yeah, they don’t do anything in higher ranks, but genji has to sacrifice that split second to fire two shurikens at the turret. Soldier has to shoot it 3 times. It’s tiny amounts of time, but it is annoying to have to do so. And then there are the times where the turrets target Reinhardt, he says “guys, can someone kill the turrets?” and nobody does anything, because everyone thinks someone else is going to do it.

It’s those small annoying moments that make people hate sym. She’s not OP like Mei, and her turret is not as threatening as Torb turret, but you see Symmetra, and think “welp, this is going to be annoying”. With turrets gone, people will look at Sym and go “Oh, she can actually be a threat”, and teammates won’t immediatly report them for throwing.

Her turrets are not the reason tp is bad, that’s the reason the community mostly dislikes her. Tp is bad because the devs have gone on the record of being cautious about buffing it; that’s being cowardly and nothing more.

They need to buff her primary range to 15 because range is still an issue since 1.0. They need to buff her tp so she can have survivability and utility, which is everyone’s complaint. No need for reverts that are not going to happen, just adjustments to numbers which is more likely to happen.