Defense Matrix Update: Streaming Protection Features and New Actions for Cheating

Content creators are an important part for Overwatch. I don’t always like what they have to say, but its more about how they go about forming and presenting their opinions, and not that they’re content creators.

Exactly what i was thinking, how the heck am i supposed to know if they’ve been cheating? Seems a very loose and arbitrary thing to punish

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" We’ll soon be adding in new moderation technology that works behind the scenes to automatically remove custom games containing inappropriate titles or content, along with issuing restrictions or account actions to those who create and post such custom games.

Remember, when you see any inappropriate custom game listing, be sure to open the custom game’s information tab and report them."

I’m actually happy to see this one lol

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same, will not be sad to see the folks who think “sexual harassment simulator” lobbies are funny go

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I can understand why they want to punish this – if you’re actually aware the person is cheating and you enabled them, then IMO it’s just as bad as cheating yourself. However, I’m somewhat worried that this could also cause false positives if a friend invites you to play and you don’t realize they use cheats.

I definitely have some friends who I’m willing to play with, but I also wouldn’t be 100% convinced they wouldn’t stoop to using cheats as well. I wouldn’t want to get banned because I decided to play with them for a week.

ATE :wink: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :face_exhaling: :cupid:

Absolutely wonderful news.

I think, above all other reports, ‘Abusive Chat’ gets the most attention. When I report those who make it very obvious of their toxic intent, I always receive at least 1-2 of those pop-ups in a week (which aligns with the number of reports I give).

Streamer protection is pretty standard. Even Sea of Thieves has it and it had no way to influence what lobby you’re in or to stream snipe until like 3 months ago.

It’s only really a problem when streamers get special treatment regarding punishments or get to use devs as their attack dogs, which iirc is/was a problem in Apex and Fortnite.

How about new actions for smurfs too? I mean the game is now f2p, so they can make infinite copies to boost their friends/clients or their ego. Also dealing with the new players getting Q’d with veteran problem both with 1 slap, by making the 50 QP “wins” the first step of many idk like 5-10 or something stages, so new players know what heroes do, highground is, to not stagger feed, having their ingame sound on so they hear :elephant: flankers behind them, positioning in general, ult management (instead of throwing them like confetti on carnival), what to pick on def which hero and what not and smurfs would be less encouraged to make another account (maybe). Cause they said it themselves (just recently) and I quote “IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW YOU PERFORM, ONLY THE WINS/LOSES COUNT” , which basicially means smurfs are treated the same as new players. Find the fault :slight_smile: .

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They said that the scoreboard stats do not matter not that only the result matters. If only wins and losses mattered than it would be impossible for you to be seeing these unranked to gm runs where even in low Diamond the player is in a lobby of entirely GM players every single game because it recognizes GM play very early on.

they used better life support equipment this time, pog

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Sooo…? What matters then besides W or L? Enlighten me pls.

…stream sniping is a common issue that impacts CC’s of most online games…? Unsure why this is being viewed as a ‘negative’ exactly…? :thinking:

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It’s a very nice feature Blizzard, but the middle of a house fire isn’t really a good time to talk about the floor trim. This isn’t the time.

The entire reason the system works is that we do not know because if people did they would focus on only that instead of simply trying to improve and letting the SR climb come naturally.

As an example all the way back in early OW1 back pre Mercy rework people learned that Blizzard gave more SR if you rezzed more people in a game as Mercy. That simple observation lead to people playing to rez instead of playing to win and still climbing. You had 40% win rate Mercy one tricks having climbed 1500SR in a season up to high Masters.

That is why the metrics are kept under the hood but it is clear from the fact that the system can detect a GM player in under 20 games and match them with other GM players that the system is looking at more than wins and losses.

For real!! Used to think they’d never take action against the kids being boosted by cheaters. I can finally say… Good work!!

  • Took em long enough :roll_eyes: :unamused:
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Doesn’t matter. If your friend/group mate is cheating, you’re collateral damage.

  • I’m willing to accept that

No word on the smurfing problem?



i can’t be playing these same maps anymore. I play the game everyday. I’m so bored. Please focus on the game content.

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About the custom games, in my server, SEA (America Region) has a lot of RPG rooms with Chinese named in custom games lobby that nobody play - just a spectator with randomly account. Also, the creator are the same people for each room - mean they are spamming the lobbies and cause very laggy problem for SEA server.