Default Install Directory and Gameplay Folders

Can someone tell me where the default install directory is and the default folder used for game play? I just moved them, but I think I might’ve bugged the game because now the main menu background won’t load and I can’t play the game. Any help would be appreciated!

Hello Krackerjack!

First, have you tried using the app’s scanning feature to locate game files? It’s okay to have the game files in custom directories.

In the Settings menu, go to Game Install/Update, and look at the bottom of the list of game locations for the Scan for Games button.

You can also click Reset to Defaults, and the default directory should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Overwatch.

Best of luck in your adventures :slight_smile:


its not letting me scan and repair because its not an option but when i go to modern warfare it allowes me too i am so frustrated and im just gonna uninstall because its just wasted space at the moment