Deconstructing the Cyber Demon Genji Mythic skin with the Overwatch team

Deconstructing the Cyber Demon Genji Mythic skin with the Overwatch team

Mythic skins soar a tier above Legendary, pushing the artwork, animation, and special effects to levels we hadn’t incorporated in our skins to this point!

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Who’s the next one for? Give us a tease for at least the role :sob::sob:


Very cool Blizzard Entertainment. Thank you.


Do an article on why you gutted the game and turned it into a massive cash shop.


wow those cyberpunk skins are so cool!! itd be so cool if they all come together in a cyberpunk themed battlepass and not a bunch of meaningless filler skins


Awesome… do we plan to actually discuss the criticisms around your title or do we need to continue to self-congratulate ourselves on finding new and innovative ways to milk the playerbase. Imagine… if you had even half of the skins you shove in your limited time weekly bundles in the Battle Pass. Or even better than that. Imagine if you didnt charge friggin $26 dollars for some skins. Lord above. But nah, lets force as much FOMO as possible in our title to really milk the ever-living crap out of our players before MS owns us


Thank god you officially take care of the “deconstructing the game” part, now us, the players, really have nothing to do here anymore and can finally rest.

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Very random and nonsensical design on top of having very limited customization with the worst possible color pallets imaginable.


I’ll second the color pallet criticism and that’s only because I find it stupid that we can’t choose our own color pallet for it and we have to choose from 3 presets


I’ll sound like a broken record but all of the skins on that image is what the battlepass should have been rather than a random assortement of skins all over the place. The latter should have been kept for the store rotation. I hope the next BP is atleast a more coherent theme rather than yet another random assortements.


The skin actually kinda sucks. Customization is cool in theory, but the end result is about the same as any (OW1) legendary skin. And there are too few options, with most players probably finding several of them truly bad, depending on their personal preferences.


I dunno about that. I’m not exactly a genji player myself but i’ve really been having fun playing around with the skin with its unique effects, sounds and such.

If anything it excites me to how a skin for any of the chars i actually play will be like.


Why are the special effects and voicelines only heard by the user?


you wanna hear that?

$10 and 60 hours grinding


Dont care give me a ramattra swimshort skin for summer games

Give him some shades too :flushed:

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Dont want to sound ungrateful, but bottomline you just made a customizable skin. I appreciate the effort, i really do but i dont understand why they hype this so much when its not like this hasnt been done before in other games.


The next mythical skin will be for an unpopular hero with few skins… do the math and you’ll get the candidates.

Probably because a lot of players haven’t played those games.

Like you’ll see Apple hype the crap out of new features, that have been standard on Android for years.

If anything, it’s a wonder when they will allow mixing and matching skins and 1st-person weapon model views.

Since a barrier to people getting more skins, is that they don’t have the weapon model that the player wants.

(I.e. That Ana skin is cool, but Ana Cabana skin has a better weapon model)


True :joy: but if that were the case why can’t you hear it from those with the same skin?

Facts. I kinda want the summer skin for Ashe, but her weapon is so damn ugly on that skin. -_-