Dear Symmetra mains: SYMMETRA'S BEAM HAS 195 DPS

Rein’s TTK Symmetra is so short, shooting him is going to get you killed before you put a dent in Rein. Symmetra has a charge up mechanic. No sane player is ever going to allow her to build it up.

Until confirmed officially I’m still going to say its 180DPS. The wiki doesn’t even list the tickrate anymore so we have no idea what that is either.

ok but like
who… cares

180 or 195

she’s still too squishy to fully utilize it, and 15/s doesn’t change much of anything that actually matters for her

i don’t understand why this is such a big debate

180 or 195 maximum DPS does not really matter when you are dead the beam need a higher minimum DPS

But I gave video proof. And I tested it myself months ago. Hell you can test it yourself with a bunch of Tanks and a stop watch.

Why are people ignoring hard evidence?

I dont wanna engage this talk on the numbers, but something this video also highlights is what you get at the end for literally just aiming at shields, the lvl3 beam.

And something that I’m unsure why not many people also don’t know, the beam doesn’t consume ammo on shields, it recharges it instead. If you have some sort of coordination with your team and the enemy is running a few tanks, you’re up for some real good DPS on specific maps.

But as someone might have said

You often end up dead if your team doesn’t fit with Symmetra. But you can make it work like I said with some team composition and map knowledge.

I decided to post this because I saw a thread yesterday saying Zarya’s full charge beam is stronger than Sym’s full charge beam, and using it to argue that Sym’s beam should be stronger. Well it actually is (though not by much).

Except that Sym’s range is less than Zarya still… so it doesn’t really matter.

IKR? They said in the rework posts that she was going to have orbs moving at 30mps and then these things came out



*huffs* *puffs*

So many months of being ignored D’:<
, finally over.

Congrats. 20 characters.

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glad you’re vindicated but I needed facts and Blizzard was thought to be a reliable source.

Video evidence wasn’t facts?

If people don’t understand the math or methodology they need it spoonfed to them.

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Didnt the devs already say a few days ago that she was always 65/130/195… She was never 60/120/180. She was not buffed in damage. She has always been 65/130/195. There was an error in the announcement of her rework with the damage numbers but devs have cleared that up. So yeah no damage buff.

I didn’t test it until months after the rework so I assumed the patch notes were right at the time of her release, but it got changed at some point.

so it really was the tick rate that was lowered :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I feel vindicated

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So, what we have is…
Junkrat: shield buster
Symmetra: shield buster
Bastion: shield buster

Perfect! Reinhardt and Orisa is dead!

Then a gorilla comes and say hi

No one going to mention how they cheated on the Roadhog one??

He didn’t break Orisa’s shield before she replaced it with the next one.