Dear Fake Mercy Mains

Because nobody else can do that?

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How to properly play Mercy:

  • Step One: Don’t be a meanie
  • Step Two: …

I understand your frustrations. I do. Do they warrent a response that’s laced with anger towards people? No.

“How to properly play Mercy
…” Okay, stop. Right there. No one has the means to tell someone else how to play a hero. Even if you think you’re right, keep it to yourself or say it in a less accusatory manner.

It’s like math - no one has the same method but they all get to an answer.


Its funny when mercy revive someone and the entire team is dead and after that they come on foruma and complain mercy is weak


I wish you had a recording, I have all this popcorn

they wouldn’t be one-tricks if they were flexing.

That doesn’t seem like a smart idea seeing as she has a negative win-rate. Try informing them of this next time on the hero-select screen.

Dwarfy the Dwarf said to remind you that about those who like Mercy as she is.

He also said pre-rework Torb is his favorite character, but didnt say why

What’s a “fake” Mercy main? Just someone you consider worse than yourself?

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Actually he’s correct, you need to crouch just before the shift, it can’t be too early, but if it’s the exact same time it will not work. It’s a bug and needs very perfect timing to be exploited properly.

Can I be a cultist? I already have a black cloak and know enough Latin to chant menacingly.

But he said crouch, jump and then GA, you only jump after you use guardian angel

If they only play Mercy, how are they “faking” maining her?


Don’t go pinning on us Mercy players trying to survive and heal at the same time all well everyone goes into separate routes on the map thinking they’ll pull off a single team wipe ultimate. We ain’t lazy comp at trying to do our job and damage boost that one DPS whose better at dealing consistent damage. If we see something, then we’ll say something if that means telling teammates to swap from Widow or Hanzo if they’re not getting picks against a team of shields and tanks. No reason to assume that some mercy one trick is faking their skills if they’re dependent on their team most of the times.

sorry i needed to vent because i just got into some deathmatch games where DPS ain’t assisting each other or anyone wanting to group up in team fights.



Oops, you’re right, missed that part. Guess we’re all wrong xD

Dunno if you’ve gotten better at trolling or are simply going for low hanging fruit…

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A Mercy mains sole purpose is buff Mercy something something bring back mass rez. /s

Do you actually follow the pro leagues? I do, and they all positively hate playing Mercy. No player playing Mercy and following the pro leagues expect playing Mercy as a ticket to getting into pro.


I’m locking this topic as it’s taking a negative turn.