Dear developers, your EU community is still waiting for the % of reduced toxicity since the LFG and endorsements hit live servers

Here is a thread that was opened by Jeff Kaplan in which he explains the percentage of reduced toxicity in NA and KR. However, it’s been about 6 weeks and we still haven’t heard about the stats of EU.

We’re waiting…


Why? So you can choose whether or not to believe him?

Do you suspect some kind of foul play? Do you think the system made toxicity worse and that’s why he hasn’t mentioned (what I consider to be) a useless statistic?

No, I just want them to finish their forum post.

And to stop ignoring EU in General :slight_smile:


Toxicity in EU has actually risen thanks to an influx of Talon members.


One thing I’ll say about EU games from watching Twitch…the people in those games…and not everyone I know…seem much meaner…and stuck in their ways rather than working with their teams.


I’m from the EU and that might be because of the Germans. The angry sounds in their voice is just how they speak :joy:.

All joking aside. The extra toxicity is because of the many languages playing together in a team but not being able to play as a team because of the many languages. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had to ask someone if they could speak english, just to hear they can’t

Only thing I can think of that might reduce number of toxic players in EU is finalizing Brexit and moving them to another server.

Back when I still played I did so on the EU servers, but I did try some games on the NA servers too from time to time. The NA servers are much less toxic overall. There seems to be a much higher chance of communication and people using voice comms on the NA servers.

My experience from the EU servers is that because English isn’t as widespread as I’d like it means people don’t understand each other, so there’s less communication on voice comm. Generally people know how to insult each other in English though. So, instead of constructive communication with shotcalling etc. you only get the toxic parts; the threats and the insults. And a lot of people talking to each other in Russian.

The other day I was in a match (EU), Competitive Play, and there was this person who could speak English when they wanted to but instead chose to speak French throughout the match. They were solo queue and most of the team I’m pretty sure were unable to understand the French language and would’ve preferred English at least. Suffice to say some of us asked for English and we pretty much just got a toxic response and an admittance to giving up trying to win. The match was fairly close, pretty unfortunate.

Suffice to say I have had much better experiences overall on NA than I have on EU. I suspect toxicity is still bad on EU hence why they never revealed the statistic, conveniently, for EU.

You realise Brexit isn’t going to remove the UK from the actual continent of Europe, right? Like Europe will still be our go to serverss.

i dont even remember when ive heard the last time someone talking in russian. and i play on EU all the time…

I think it depends entirely on which timezone you’re in. The Russians are one or a few hours ahead of central Europe, and if you live in the UK chances are you don’t get to play with a lot of Russians purely due to timezone differences. (Russia is located at between GMT+2 to GMT +12)

what community wants is better match making, better balance, better bug fixing.
i dont give a potato about toxicity.

i know… i play rainbow six siege as well and i see them all the time there… i only see sometimes their russian nicknames but they dont talk more or less than other nationalities.

I must have just ended up in teams where two or three of the other players were russians and in a pre-made group then. Because back when I still played it wasn’t uncommon for me to have a lot of russian in either chat or voice com

Now, now, cmon. We’re gonna sail off into the Caribbean and have a British Server for British people and not play games with those nasty foreigners that’s what we voted for!

Oh and also to tank our economy :slight_smile: