DDoS attack help

Hi! For a couple of weeks now I’ve been having huge problems with Overwatch on my PS4 which I just now found out is a DDoS attack.
Now, blizzard hasn’t been done much, they just say The same result response that not man you people have reported it and it’s just internet but I’ve had almost everyone in the server and everyone in the twitter post of them ‘fixing it’ has said otherwise.
I’ve lost a l o t of EXP and blizzard really isn this doing anything so I was wondering if anyone would actually try and help me.
I’ve done a lot from testing the internet, reconnecting it and restarting it. I’ve tried other game s and every vent device which work perfectly but it won’t do anything unless it works to the point a match starts which then causes me to loose 75% of EXP and causes me to almost be temporarily be banned. I really would like help with my PS4 and I mean missing so much of the event because of this.


I am in the same boat my friend, surly there is a way for blizzard to remove the bans and the (-75%) if we send psn to them?

Blizzard has an outline of how they handle penalties in the pinned threads.

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