Dallas Fuel vs Los Angeles Gladiators - NOW LIVE

May Melee • Week 1


Dalllas Fuel
Los Angeles Gladiators
LP: 0 (0-1 -1)
LP: 0 (0-1 -3)

Final Score


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This match ought to be a good one. One team has to win, and both are 0-1.

My pickem says Glads, having gone through their trial by fire against the Shock, will not hesitate to put the Fuel in their place. Making this easier is the fact the Fuel lost a close heartbreaker against their rivals the Houston Outlaws in the battle for Texas, so I’m fairly sure the Glads will 3-1 the Fuel to close out their Opening Weekend.

All win streaks must end.


Is Kevster 11? Maybe 13?

They don’t want to show his personal video feed?

He’s overseas. They’re trying to get him to America, but y’know…we had a change in the POTUS and now everything involving the U.S. government (which includes visas or even applying for a janitor position in the U.S. government) is becoming a bureaucratic nightmare.

Dallas games are becoming the new Chengdu games with the silly character selections. I’m enjoying every bit of it.

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My point is that the position, with the kid Genji Avatar, could be played by anyone.
How do we know if that player is part of their team roster?

Do we get tokens for watching?

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You have to enable it. There is a button to click on to link your account with Utube.


I think there’s a tournament realm which only certain players/accounts can access (it’s also possible each player has a “Tournament Realm Only” account, with data pulled from their main account, that players can only access during their match, with rotating passwords to ensure only authorized players get access to the Tournament Realm). Considering the company my Father works for has multiple products, one of which involves rotating/changing passwords after a certain time period, and another product which can grant certain user accounts certain abilities depending on the trust level you give said user accounts, it’s 100% possible with today’s technology to ensure that when someone logs in with the Kevster account, that it’s really Kevster logging in, and not some random hacker looking to cause damage. Besides that, teams can get in A LOT of trouble for playing someone who isn’t who (s)he says (s)he is.

It looks like Element Mystic Doha is back. I’ve been missing this guy. Don’t know what happened to him in 2020, but I’m glad they found him.

Just want to point out that Fuel are now 1st in the league in number of maps won with four. Fuel are best now.

This shows how strong the outlaws are. Dalles is actually a really good team right now and the gladiators are overrated. Good plays so far.

Well, in just one map, we had YouTube mods slam the door on the spam for once (albeit spam concerning some lizards), we had the stream quality suffer thanks to those spamming lizards, and we have the Fuel on match point heading into the second half.


Lijiang Tower (Control): Dallas Fuel 2, Los Angeles Gladiators 1

Blizzard World (Hybrid): Dallas Fuel 4, Los Angeles Gladiators 3

MATCH SCORE: Dallas Fuel 2, Los Angeles Gladiators 0

NEXT UP: HALFTIME, followed by the second half of Fuel vs. Gladiators. The Dallas Fuel are on MATCH POINT.

The Fuel look surprisingly good without a hitscan player in a hitscan meta, even in defeat yesterday. I know it’s early, but they actually look the best they’ve ever looked. Fearless was an excellent pickup from Shanghai.

well my prediction is already off so unless the gladiators pull off a reverse sweep im not getting anything

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Hey Gladiators! :speaking_head:

Your Shu is untied!!! :athletic_shoe:


Damn today is a nightmare for my IRL. Sorry for the long delay on the header post.

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I hope the dallas fuel win lmao

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Ikr. It would be fun to see what they will say in the post game show.
They all went Gladiators. :joy:


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