Dallas Fuel vs. Chengdu Hunters - FINAL

May Melee Tournament


Dallas Fuel
Chengdu Hunters
LP: 2 (2-2 +2)
LP: 3 (3-1 +6)

Final Score


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(After Knockouts)
#1 NOSTALGIA 94 points
#3 JUNSEI 93 points
#2 WYOMINGMYST 91 points
#4 KEYU 90 points
#5 SICKONE 88 points
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Dallas! I wanted Chengdu to win but not anymore. So get it done Dallas!

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Dallas or I’ll eat my hat.

These are the two teams I like the most in the league. It will be hard to root for one.

Now I want Chengdu to win again. So that you have to make a tortilla hat and eat it.

Well…I got Dallas winning the whole tournament, so I can’t believe I’m saying this but Go Dallas…:nauseated_face:


I’ll enjoy that just to spite you. Decorate it with nacho cheese and jalapeño rings and all. :smirk:

Same, 4-2 over Hunters in the final.

You heard it here first folks. If Chengdu wins, Trilly gotta eat a tortilla hat and jalapeños.

I’m not worried.

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4-2 Dallas in the finals. I think they think they are going to play the Dragons twice and beat them twice.

Shock Fans :handshake: Outlaws Fans

Cheering for Dallas


The steaks have never been higher

Lol, right? I just think they are going to be that team no one sees coming.

Ohhh that’s a great idea… Sprinkle some Philly cheese steak on the hat… Protein, baby!

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My call is going to be Chengdu 3-2… Dallas still does not have a top-level hitscan in their roster and Jinmu will be able to secure the picks.

…I was playing around, but now I kinda legit want a steak quesadilla. And I’m mad I can’t have it rn. :rofl:

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You know I just have to say I forgot how much I missed it when OWL matches started on Thursdays.


I have eaten too much bread.