Custom Game code identity

Now that we’ve added tabs in the Custom Game Browser for Popular, Favorites, and Recent as well as the ability to add an official Mode Name to Custom Game settings (see the patch notes copied below), it’s important to understand how the system tracks what game mode is currently being played.

After creating a lobby from a mode in the Popular, Favorites, or Recent tab, OR after importing a code in the Settings screen, you should see the Game Code displayed beneath the mode’s Description text box. This tells you that you are “officially” playing that particular game mode. This means that 1) players searching by code or Mode Name in the browser will see your game, 2) the mode will show up in your Recent tab, and 3) your game will contribute to the overall popularity of the mode, which may help the mode show up in the Popular tab eventually (if enough people play it).

If you change the Maps, the Workshop Settings (but not the Workshop script itself), or most of the Lobby settings (except for Match Voice Chat), then the Game Code should remain associated with your settings. However, if you change any other setting – including the Mode Name, Description, Heroes, Modes, or the Workshop script – then the Game Code will be removed from your settings, meaning you are no longer playing an official version of the game mode.

When in doubt, you can check the Settings or Info screen in your custom game to see if your game is still associated with the official game mode – if you see the Game Code displayed, then it is!

Copied from the patch notes:

Previously, it was difficult for players to keep track of the ever-growing collection of player-created game modes. The Custom Game Browser’s new tabs give these modes a chance to shine. The Popular tab shows off some of the most-played modes as well as modes that have started to trend. The Favorites tab lets you build a personal collection of modes – just select the star icon next to any mode you’d like to see in this list. The Recent tab shows modes that you have recently played. Finally, the All Games tab gives you the standard, familiar list of lobbies. We’ve also added the ability to search for lobbies by share code.

In order to help identify modes, we’ve added a new Mode Name setting right above the Description in Custom Game Settings. This Mode Name will be used to represent modes in the Custom Game Browser tabs. Creators are encouraged to reupload their modes with Mode Name filled out. (If it isn’t filled out, the share code itself is displayed instead.)

Since these new features are being used by the public for the first time, we may need to make adjustments to how the Popular tab chooses its modes. If you notice that the Popular tab isn’t showing the modes that you might expect, please be patient with us as we tune the feature to present the best collection of modes that we can.

We’re excited about the possibilities these new features will bring to Custom Games, and we’ll be watching and listening to your feedback to improve the Custom Game Browser experience.


Thank you so much for this new update. In these recent years, you guys always have been listening to our demands and implemented them in the game.

But I have a criticism of the new popular section.
As a creator of multiple game modes such as A PvE, A maze game, or… This popular section won’t be helping me or most of the workshop developers.

Because there are always game modes like doomfist parkour, gun game no cooldown, 1000℅ damage, Widow hs, or… These are always popular among users (definitely there are more than 6 game modes like these that can fit in the popular section) and new game modes like PvE, Racing simulated cars, or any innovative game modes are not likely to be seen in the popular section.

Unless there will be categories and a popular section for each category. This will actually give a chance for the new and innovative game modes to be seen.

Have a great day


Please make this a disable spawn room function.

At the spawn room safe zone, enemies and allies cannot attack each other, and it is invincible and infinite healing. I hope there is a degree of freedom in the workshop. I would like you to create a workshop setting or game mode that disable the spawn room ‘safe zone’ so that the spawn room can also be used… Thank you.

please add the search function back on console like its not there anymore


can we have a textbox for reporting gamemodes? atm its just a button, nobody can know why someone reports

Edit: nvm already there

It’s there, it’s just relocated to the filter menu now. Very bottom of the list.

thx for ur work!
The features added this time are very challenging and interesting.

Judging by the number of lobbies that exist, popular sections have been fixed certain game modes and are no longer dynamic.
It needs to be somewhat fluid so that can always experience new games.
In the game mode that has been pick uped for a long time, it would be nice if there was a mechanism to gradually lower the display priority to fade out or add intervals.

Also, in my environment, most of the popular sections are full of Korean game modes. For me and those who can’t read Korean, I don’t think the popular section is working.
(I heavy insist that I have NO intention of blaming Koreans.)

There is a suggestion to add the region of the language or server country to the filter, but this goes against the belief of “no region” by developers and communities.
It is a more productive idea to proceed with the translation.

For example, if have the function to extract the string text contained in game script into a table, can translate it in our community.

have any other ideas?

Why can only popular games be selected as favorites and why do only popular games populate the recent tab? May as well mark all the tabs as popular.

If you are playing on someone’s saved preset (which is sadly 99% of hosted lobbies) then this preset is not associated with a code (if there was none associated with the lobby when saved as a preset) and as such will not be displayed on the recent tab.

Give it a few weeks/months and it should hopefully change to most gamemodes having a code associated with it. Some gamemodes (particularly those that are often modified) may never reach that point though.

Game Tabs was an mistake, we can spam room creating with code and for *some magic reason* that game code will stay newer/most played modes. This make people copying/pasting/reuploading your code as own.

To solve this, OW devs can add an search bar to people search modes that was shared, and put daily rotation for codes/modes that is most played.