Current competitive season statistics not showing

I have played over 30 to 40 hours of competitive recently in the past month. I can tell because my total hours of playtime has gone up but for the current competitive season, it says I have played zero games and zero hours on any hero. For example, I have played a lot of junker queen, so much to the point where I got her golden guns, but it only shows I have played about an hour of her from quick play and custom game. So would love it if my actual stats were showing. Also, I can’t check my game history and how I did in those games sometimes. Please help


Nothing we can do about it. It’s been an issue since launch and Blizzard have yet to acknowledge it’s an issue.

Posted about this a week ago and been keeping track of all similar posts. There’s been a lot!

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Same here, please fix this blizzard

Same issue. Linked to PS5 and the competitive season is only showing my PS5 account played hours. Not showing my PC hours.

Yeah still an ongoing issue for me on an Xbox Series X.

Suspicious role queue placements for all 3 roles, but no statistics or any information whatsoever regarding the current competitive season.

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