CTF, low gravity and many other arcade modes


i didnt see a discussion like this, so here we go.

nothing is really wrong about the modes themselves, nothing i could point out anyway, but the thing i am really getting annoyed by, is the fact i cant play the modes i want to play for large amounds of time. for example: if i could, i would play nearly nothing else than ctf. i happen to not enjoy other modes all that much in comparrison to ctf. i am sure there are people who have other modes that are only temporary available.
why do we have to have temporary access to some game modes? if ctf is a official game mode, i want to play it more than once every two months. i might be overexagerating, but it feels like that to me. especially if you happen to miss a day you could have played it.

now, maybe there are reasons for that, but nowhere i ever heard of a good explanation for this being the case. if you have the option to play whatever you want, i dont see much of a downside to it at all personally, but i might be missing something. still my opinion stays the same. i think it is very unnecessary.


I think it is mostly quetime issue?


I know that feeling too well…

I think this is exactly why lot of modes are available so rarely. They seem to be uninterested to add more than 5 arcade slots in order to keep queue times low, and then they decided that Mystery Heroes and all variations of FFA Deathmatch are basically permanent. That leaves only 3 slots for literally everything else.

Thankfully they at least added the daily rotating slot, but that still means lot of us need to wait patiently in order to get to play our favourite modes.

Right now, we can only keep asking for more variety in arcade. Also, i and few other arcade fans have this thread to help other people to check what modes are available without having to log in to the game. What Arcade modes are available today?


I play mostly CTF too and it’s all I usually play. They limit the games available to make queue times faster. I just get annoyed when 1v1 happens 3/7 days in the week or another mode. Or there is two FFA modes. Mystery heroes is pretty much permanent. Then we get a feautured game. 2 weekly and a daily mode. CTF pops up 1 week a month usually. You could make a custom CTF game but the custom game system is pretty meh.


You gotta understand, the reason why certain modes appear more often than others is because the stats show that they are the more popular modes.
If you’re really bugged by it, I guess you can try and make a custom game?


While I get why it’s done. I pretty much got bored of waiting for TDM to show up. So I hardly bother go into arcade. I just asume another week of nothing. What’s worse for the game. Longer q times if all modes where avalible. Or people not bothering to play arcade.


Definitely longer queue times.


Yet both ways doesn’t have me play other modes. So I still count as a loss.


If that were the case, Mystery Heroes and Total Mayhem would be up all the time.


Mystery Heroes hasn’t left the arcade in a long time and Total Mayhem is there pretty frequently in my experience.


What annoys me the most is that if is around Deathmatch it usually is restricted to Petra or Guillard. All I want is diversity in map rotation there…


Interestingly, there are also people that hate the other maps for Deathmatch and prefer the ones specifically designed for the mode.


Popularity begets permanent residence.

From my experience in the forums, CTF is one of the most hated gamemodes. I’m definitely on the hate side. Everytime I’ve played it’s just Torb or Symmetras guarding the flag and Lucios or Tracers running the flag. Boring.

That said, however, the games that DO get cycled, should do so in a predictable way. Like on a schedule. So that people who do like a particular gamemode would know what days it’s up and not have to play the guessing game or give up checking entirely. The randomness of the arcade doesn’t help it’s own cause.


I wish No Limits was constant, it’s great when you want to practice a hero and not worry about them being taken… and just the general derp of it is great!


I know that CTF is the mode you like to play and it’s not around much, but not too long ago CTF was removed for a bit while they fixed it.

There was a notice on the bottom left corner when you booted up the game.


I can give you plenty of evidence that it’s less common than some of the less popular modes.


What I find hilarious, is that they have the Arcade and Game Browser there for a reason. Any of us could easily start up the game mode of our choosing, they’re already pre-fabbed with a simple button press.

But I’m lazy, darnit, and I just want that nice fat icon on the Arcade screen to say Total Mayhem.


Its not just that, its that people rarely use the browser except for meme modes.


in my opinion, the browser is made for custom games. sure you can just put the mode you want in and keep it vanilla, but thats not really what people go into the browser for. if you really do that, you end up waiting for about an hour before you can actually play too since you need to wait for players first etc.
its just not a good alternative and if its just vanilla modes, you dont really want to bother creating one for that.

i dont really think the q times were that long. also even though i dont think well of tf2, they do have one thing: a indicator for how popular each mode is at the current time. a bar that fills up the more popular the mode is at the moment and indicates if you will have a easy time finding people or not.
also there are a LOT of people in this game, i think if they just make the arcade modes more appealing, it would draw a little bit of attention away from qp or even comp.

while i get that, i also have to add that, if the mode was more active, people would notice that is a dumb strategy and would stop with time. only teams who dont watch out would be held off or beaten by a strategy like that. … also sym isn’t good at that anymore and torb hopefully gets a good rework too.


You know there are custom games, and they have pre built settings to match arcade modes minus event exclusive ones right?