CTD after latest patch

the initial ashe patch was fine for me but the most recent update has rendered my game completely dead. only symptoms I have are an error that only appears for the very first CTD, which yields

Event Name: BEX64

and of the most apparently problematic signatures

P4: nvapi64.dll_unloaded

considering I have an amd r7 370 which has worked perfectly for my few years with the game it’s odd that the game is suddenly attempting to take the nvidia route, or this is what I am led to believe. after this initial error dialog box the following attempts to launch the game result in a quick ctd no fuss. a full restart will let me see the error for the first time and then radio silence with every following guarenteed ctd. I renamed the file and tried running the game but I think I need to completely move it and probably restart to get it out of memory, hoping this might work but making this post before that final attempt.

update - after removing the wrong driver file noted in the error and running ddu set to clean out nvidia I now get a new fault module name, pointing to what looks like my own driver

Fault Module Name: aticfx64.dll_unloaded

it took a while longer to start this time and I should have already mentioned I have run the scan and repair for overwatch

immediate 2nd update - running the game for a second time, expecting a ctd with no error, I am instead presented with another overwatch has stopped working error dialog but this time it’s pointing to

Fault Module Name: amdihk64.dll_unloaded

running for a third and many more times results in the expected ctd with no error

Post a dxdiag. Blizzard Support - Obtaining System Files

use ``` marks

like this

Tried posting the 5mb text file in the format requested and after much pain I get a 502 bad gateway. This contains every error I’ve had for years, what are we looking for specifically here?

You can post the entire thing on pastebin, just provide the end of the link.

found another thread that mentioned this game won’t work with a razer chroma product with the sdk core components installed. the moment i uninstalled it without rebooting or anything the game works. hopefully they can patch the game in the future because I am very lucky the other users error pointed to the razer files, unlike mine which pointed to all sorts of video drivers, at least I was able to remove some old temp drivers and save some space I guess…

Sorry I didn’t mention this before asking for your dxdiag, but it is in the known issues thread pinned at the top of this forum. Lately I’ve been just assuming people have read those because it can get ugly when I suggest they read it and they already have. But I’m happy you got your game working!