Cross Season SR Decay

Hey All,

I haven’t placed in season 9 yet, but was ~3500 at the end of season 8. Will my SR decay if I don’t play for an entire season? Has my SR decayed already in the background because I haven’t been actively playing or will my placements in season 10 pick up from where I left off in season 8 (provided I don’t play comp at all in S9)?

Thanks in advance

I waited until the end of last season to place after finishing 3600 and immediately was put into placements with 3000s (many who had decayed ) so it was odd and seemed like maybe some sort of weird decay happened but it’s prob just how it works out in the end

Decay doesn’t happen until you do your placements. However, if you don’t play for a while, your MMR uncertainty goes way up. This means that your SR/MMR can go way up or down during placements when you return.

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