Creator Experimental Card 2 Temporarily Disabled

Ikr :joy: I’ve been giving pkaying battlegrounds all day at work just saw the patch notes hopped on and now I’m sad lmao

did anybody else have issues with the mode feeling extremely laggy, even with good ping?
my friends and i all had that problem, especially abilities that rubberbanded.
couldnt even heal people with brigs armor pack, because the ability just wouldnt go off.

its only less 50 % heal , not all of it.


The game probably had more people on it than the last 2 weeks combined lol. The servers have already been in a pretty ruff state for the past few weeks and if TaRkOv has taught me anything it’s probably just overloaded servers



My brain turned into mush when I dropped caffeine.

While you guys are at it, can you fix Moira’s orb release input? :slight_smile:
If you prefire the heal or damage orb mouse button (already healing or damaging), then try to use the orb ability button, then release the mouse button it starts and cancels the new “hold mouse button for faster orb” feature instead of just throwing the orb.

It used to throw the orb on release of the mouse button.

I have asked around and some people have this problem, some don’t?

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yeah like when r u gonna put it back i’ve been waiting for 4 hours and still nothing and i want to see that new mercy in every possible way

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rip, doubt it will be up until tomorrow-ish

then we’ll have less time to enjoy the changes bcuz personally i like those changes

it really be taking almost 5 hours for some tweaks huh


Dang missed my chance to try out the support sym!
Please get something back up asap. Even if it’s a subset (like healing turrets buggy and disabled).


Take your time :sunglasses::point_right::point_right:


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Do not worry you’ll get chance.
Its fun to Play her again but the DPS is just to low.
And kinda like that you need change 180° way of thinking where to put turrets.

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you guys should have kept it up, I prefer a buggy but fun experience to none. And just replace the experimental when the fixes were done.

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Thats exactly how it was made to work though, the Zarya changes made it so that the charge percentage affected the movement speed of people being bubbled, not Zarya’s damage output

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I just wanted to let you know that the Creator Experimental Card is now live again!

Bug fixes have been added to the website and forum post: Overwatch Experimental Patch Notes – February 10, 2022.

Thanks for being patient with us. Appreciate y’all. :blue_heart:


No changes to Sym’s turret targeting? …


Symmetra turrets still latch onto full HP heroes and don’t ever change targeting. This has to be fixed ASAP or there’s literally a hero missing from the card (and tournament)


The patch notes are no longer in game? Also, why can’t we progress through the weekly challenge when playing experimental?

Hey There Jodie, Please check out my post on Bug report.

There is an issue where blocked players are able to rejoin my LFG groups on overwatch.

Please escalate this issue as it has been here for a few patches, and is very game breaking when it comes to making a group.