Creator Experimental Card 2 Temporarily Disabled

Hi, everyone!

We have temporarily disabled the creator experimental card while we work on fixes for a few known issues. The experimental card will be back as soon as possible!

We are so sorry for the inconvenience, and we can’t wait to get you back in the experimental mode!

Thank y’all!!


thanks for the heads up! ^^ take your time :heart:

As soon as I get in bed :sob:

I hope you’re working on a fix for Sym’s turret targeting :pleading_face:


I hope Sym and Mercy get buffs for this, not just bug fixes. We didn’t get anything fun last Exc card either. Kinda sucky seeing everyone else enjoy fun changes when your hero just gets a huge nerf to their power level every CC Exc Card…

Like why does Sym heal so little and do so little damage. Why is Mercy’s new E ability on a 20 sec CD when all it does it let her heal 15 more HPS for 3 seconds…


What exactly has to be fixed in the experimental mode , maybe the sim turrets targeting ?

I did notice meself getting healed while purpled by Rein’s fire strike. I wonder if that’s one of the issues or if maybe I imagined things.

Good cause it was sooooooooo buggy.

Oh no, my update… Its broken


Zarya damage was bugged as hell, 100% and do not melting anyone lol

It said in the notes all tank damage was cut by 50% so that isnt a suprise

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It’s not what’s in, but rather a bug that it’s causing. For many players like myself, we were getting an “Apply Update” error after playing experimental, which locked us out of the game entirely. I ended up losing 50 SR in comp and getting 15 min ban because of it, and so did a bunch of others.

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Oh man I’m so glad I worked the past 5 hours while my friends were freaking out only to not even get to try the changes.


Are we looking at a hot fix (2-3 hours) or a complicated fix (a few days)? Not trying to rush y’all by any means just wanting to know if I should stay up late or get up early :joy:


Of course it’s down the moment I hop on to play…


Ikr :joy: I’ve been giving pkaying battlegrounds all day at work just saw the patch notes hopped on and now I’m sad lmao

did anybody else have issues with the mode feeling extremely laggy, even with good ping?
my friends and i all had that problem, especially abilities that rubberbanded.
couldnt even heal people with brigs armor pack, because the ability just wouldnt go off.

its only less 50 % heal , not all of it.


The game probably had more people on it than the last 2 weeks combined lol. The servers have already been in a pretty ruff state for the past few weeks and if TaRkOv has taught me anything it’s probably just overloaded servers



My brain turned into mush when I dropped caffeine.

While you guys are at it, can you fix Moira’s orb release input? :slight_smile:
If you prefire the heal or damage orb mouse button (already healing or damaging), then try to use the orb ability button, then release the mouse button it starts and cancels the new “hold mouse button for faster orb” feature instead of just throwing the orb.

It used to throw the orb on release of the mouse button.

I have asked around and some people have this problem, some don’t?

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