Create your own event!


I was thinking of something like that too. Not hide and seek but a Survival.

One hero vs 4 Monsters hunting you down through the Chateau.

Similar to Yeti Hunter where the single player is buffed with speed and such for survival. And the monster instead of ults have maybe a stun, you know like a shock that falters the one just enough slow them down.

And the single player getting something like some kind of burst/boost for them.

Single player either needing to get a kill on all four to win. The Monsters needing to take down the Single player to win. Time up would end in a draw.

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Skins, sprays, bragging rights.


I will say for the summer games I would love to see them do this:

In addition to the normal event stuff (the skins, sprays, Lucioball etc.) they have an olympics style competition for each region, where you compete to be the best in various areas such as “Who’s the best at genji deflect elims” “Who has the highest average Deadeye kills” “Who has the most Ana sleeps, or healing done.” And for each hero there’s a special spray or profile pic or something along those lines if you place within the top 500 average per 10min segment. I think it’d add a cool new competitive aspect to the game without being blatantly comp mode.


The overwatch stickers OP used


The more events the merrier. Especially if we get skins from them


You can use them if you are trust level 3

A link to them:



Go for Amalthus’ theme and swap Mercy for Zen.

Guilty road intensifies


You want to create alternate universe lore based on mostly non-existent actual lore? Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse?

They might as well call this alternate lore the actual lore and name the event “Common Misconceptions”.


Oh well. That’ll be never lol :frowning:


Even if not an event, it would be nice to have a formal/evening wear skin set, as well as a casual wear skin set.



You are trust level 2 already!

You might soon get trust level 3


Yup. For now we got Doomfist, Hanzo, and Symmetra (if you count magician) as formal attire

We need more


I didn’t even notice haha. Idk how to check that



Thank you for the help!!


You know what? I know this sounds silly, but a pirate event.

Side by side, with 8 players on each side, you ride on a large pirate ship and your main goal is to either destroy the enemy ship, or loot their plunder on the ship.

Bastion, Ana, Zenyatta, Junkrat, Roadhog, Genji, McCree, Torbjorn, and Hammond will all be playable on this game mode.

Bastion would have a cannon replaced with his sentry so he doesn’t straight up anhillate the enemy ship.

Idk, I think it would be super fun to have a gamemode like this


I don’t think that is a silly gamemode.

I can already imagine how cool it would be! I wonder how the map would look tho :thinking:


Valentine’s Event.

Skins: Wedding Dress Widowmaker, Cupid Hanzo, Pink Reaper, Pride Tracer.

Victory Poses: Chocolates, Various heroes posing with a heart shaped box of chocolates.

It would launch alongside a comic which would confirm a romantic relationship between two heroes. (No idea who, That’s Michel Chu’s job, not mine)

Further thoughts: Other skins in the event could be the heroes Dressed for a Date, as an excuse for some more formal wear skins.

And the Brawl would be Like the Watergate Mode from the TF2 invasion event. Everyone starts with 1 box of chocolates, Chocolates spawn on the map in various places and every time you kill someone you get their chocolates. Team with the most chocolate at the end wins.


Roadhog and Junkrat team up with Wasteland Ana and Junker, to take out a giant boss omnic that showed up deep in the outback


Yes please