CRASHING MID GAME due to error (Nintendo Switch)

me too!! i restarted my switch, checked for corrupt files and patches, redownloaded… nothing worked

Yup, same here. Crashing every other game.

not sure if this is for others, but despite the crashes i’m no longer getting suspended or penalized. is that for anyone else?

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I was playing with a friend (I’m on console, she’s on switch) and she kept crashing to the point where she dropped a whole endorsement level. She’s super pissed about this, so I hope this gets resolved quickly by the team. She can’t even play one full unranked match. Hoping my reply makes them at the very least aware of this issue!

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3 days later still experiencing the constant crashing … arrrrgrhhhhh

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It would be nice if I could play the game without it crashing.

I am also having this issue on my switch as well. My spouse plays on PS5 and hasn’t had any issues.

As of now, the game is still crushing.

i’ve been trying to play ever since season 9 came out, and every game it just kicks me out and ive been getting suspended for something i cant even control, please get this fixed soon

Blizzard logic:
“Let’s not fix the part that potentially bans players from playing for 2 and a half months, let’s fix the problem where people are trying to give us money and can’t”

Yeah I’m suspended AGAIN from this issue for 6 hours now.

Turn off Kill Cam under Options > Gameplay > HUD has solved my issue with Nintendo Switch crashes.

I hope it works for you too!


im so glad im not the only one having this issue, the game is literally unplayable rn because i crash every other game, thankfully it doesnt seem to be counting them towards any suspension, but they still have GOT to fix it soon

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I’ve had pretty good luck with killcam disabled but I’ve also heard other people say that it hasn’t helped them. I’m just sticking to arcade modes for now, getting some aim practice in with TDM and then if it does crash it’s not as big of a deal. I’m not playing comp until a fix is confirmed by the devs.

i’ve also had good luck with turning off my killcam ^^ i took a chance yesterday and played for about 5 games without crashing; one of those games being comp. Although, I don’t really wanna risk anything so for the meantime I play on my ps4.

I took off the kill cam got about 4 games then got booted.
Says "the software was closed because an error occurred. "
This is getting frustrating

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Try go to settings and turn off the killcam, someone on reddit told me to do that and I haven’t crashed yet. Although I only disabled it last night so it might be too soon to tell.

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Turned off the kill cam too and that works so far! :pray:t4: played about 8-10 games without crashing this evening. Thank you for the tip !:heart:

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Turning off kill cam helped, but I am still being kicked.

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Same , crashing after completing objectives , i just don’t know wtf is happening

I’m having this issue as well. Contacted blizzard support and was told it was a console issue. After discussion with Nintendo support and constant troubleshooting, I don’t believe that’s the case.