Crash to desktop if highlight folder is non-empty

The game crashes if the folder for exporting highlights is non-empty. A folder with a lot of highlights causes significantly more crashes than a folder with only few highlights. My folder of 100 GB of 4k-resolution highlights crashes the game on start almost every time. The export folder has been changed with “VideoPath” option in Settings_v0.ini. Clicking on “Highlights” in main menu induces the crash but the crash is not guaranteed. Game can still crash even if the “Highlights” menu has not been clicked. The game has crashed for me in a competitive match.

Steps to repro:

  1. Start game with a lot of highlights in the export folder and option “VideoPath” set.
  2. Game crashes.
  3. If game doesn’t crash select “Highlights” from main menu. The game has crashed for me when there were only 2 highlights in the export folder.
  4. Set “VideoPath” to an empty folder. The game should now be stable.

System spec:
Ryzen R7 3700x
16 GB of RAM
RX 5700 XT on Radeon Software 20.2.2 (Crash has happened on 20.X.X versions of driver)

I am happy to provide additional information to help debugging.


Can confirm I am finally stable on 20.2.2. once created a new, empty, highlight folder and redirected to it via the .ini. Previously I’ve tried each updated driver and had to fall back to pre 2020 edition releases.

System spec:
Ryzen R7 3800x
x570 mainboard
16 GB of RAM
RX 5700 XT on Radeon Software 20.2.2

Man they should give you a medal for that.
I searched everywhere for a solution. And damn yours helped even though i had to think of that myself