--Crash of the game and receive a defeat

I did a competitive open queue, in the middle of the game my game crashed and I joined the game afterwards, I won the game, I get a lose and I get banned temporarily … Can someone do something for this ?

Unfortunately, SR is not refunded, even if it is the server’s fault. Full explanation is pinned at the the top of the forum:

yeah sure, but I finally won the game… so, why I have the penalities ?

If you’re gone for a certain period of time, you don’t receive SR gain and can be penalized for leaving your team without a player for that period.

I was disconnected between the first and the second round, so my team never played without me. But there is not the problem, the problem is that I received a defeat and that it had never done that before. And I was just furious at the time, now I don’t mind. and at least now you have feedback of a potential bug? Thanks for your time :slight_smile: