Crash in Graphics Drivers - RTX 2070

I’ve had the game crash twice tonight, stating a crash in the graphics driver. I’ve never had this issue before tonight.

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Too long, so the pastebin is…


There are not error messages related to the Overwatch client in your report. Because of this, I would recommend checking out this topic from the pinned threads:

If that doesn’t help, I would recommend removing your GPU drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller, and then reinstalling them.

Finally, if nothing else works, check for overheating.

Well it’s not overheating, I can pretty much guarantee that. It says it is a graphics driver issue. When it crashed, it gave me this code in the report screen…
Not sure what that means. I updated the bios on this system like 2 weeks ago, the chipset drivers are up to date. Keep in mind, this entire system is less than 3 months old. I will try reinstalling the GPU drivers. I use GeForce Experience to update my drivers, so I don’t know why there would be an issue there.

Because the GeForce experience doesn’t offer a clear installation, even though it says it does. It often leaves behind remnant files that can upset the next installation/update.

I can’t read error codes, only the staff can. What I can tell you is that GPU driver crashing is usually a third-party app interfering with the game displaying, which causes Windows to shut down your GPU. The game itself cannot shut down your GPU.