Crash blzowcli00000004

Getting theses crash since pc upgrade
windows is up to date
nvidia drivers are up to date **had crash before updating to the latest drivers
I used to have razer synapse on old pc with overwatch chroma app installed with no problem,
But saw it could be the problem on this forum folllowed this thread fix

so i uninstalled razer synapse, rebooted
uninstalled overwatch, reinstalled,
I keep getting the crash,
Only game that is crashing on the whole pc.

Cant put a dxdiag directly in the thread because it exceed maximum body character allowed, so i uploaded on pastedbin

Thanks for your help


new driver update on feb 1st, install + reboot
then scan and repair
Crash in first game…
again cant upload dxdiag as its 143k character and reply is limited to 99k

dxdiag after driver update feb 1st

Looking at the dxdiag I only see two issues that could be contributing.

First, Dxdiag is reporting that those drivers you are using are not certified. It could be nothing but it could indicate bad drivers. (I’ll include steps for getting clean drivers installed)

Second your error logs are full of Windows Defender Crashes. That could definitely be contributing to issues launching some software and could even affect system stability. I do not have any specific troubleshooting to recommend for that other than temporarily disable Windows Defender and test the game.

3rd it looks like you might be using 2 screens for the Nvidia GPU along with a screen using the onboard intel GPU? Dxdiag. If that is the case I really recommend only utilizing the Nvida GPU and while troubleshooting only use a single monitor to keep the complexity down)

So based on the above I recommend trying the following:

Use a single monitor and the Nvidia GPU over the Intel

Disable Windows Defender

I would like you to perform a clean install of your drivers by completely removing the old drivers as follows:

  1. Let’s remove the old drivers via a program called DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller): Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) Download & Support - Wagnardsoft Forum and choose the first announcement post.

  2. Click “Official Download Here” then open the downloaded file. It will ask you to extract to a specific folder. This is usually going to be the same folder the file was downloaded to (“Downloads” for most people)

  3. Open the folder created and double click on “Display Driver Uninstaller”. It may ask for permission under User Account Control. Select Yes.

  4. It will pop up a screen saying, “This seems to be the first time you launch DDU, Let’s look at the options.” Click Ok, Leave the options set as now and click ok. A second pop up warning you that you are not in safe mode will pop up. That is ok for now. Click Ok.

  5. Select Device Type: GPU and then under Select Device choose AMD, Intel or Nvidia. (If you have multiple brands of GPU you will need to run through this process twice.)

  6. Choose Clean and Restart. Let the system reboot and you should be on the default microsoft GPU drivers. Visit the following link to get the proper drivers for your GPU(s):

For the Nvidia GPU: Geforce Driver Results | NVIDIA

Even if the system relies on a different GPU, it is a good idea to make sure the Intel GPU is up to date as well.

For the Intel GPU: Intel® Graphics – Windows* DCH Drivers

In some cases Intel may refer you to the manufacturer of the system for updates. If that is the case, check with the system maker for Intel Drivers.

MSI: Support Center | MSI Global - The Leading Brand in High-end Gaming & Professional Creation

Let’s reset the in game user options:

  1. Right click Windows Start
  2. Open File Explorer
  3. Open Documents
  4. Delete the Overwatch folder and empty the Recycle Bin.

(This will deleted any unsaved/saved highlights so if you wish to preserve those, save and then move them from the videos folder before deleting the OW folder.)

Try running your system in selective startup mode:

Create a new administrator account: Creating a New Administrator Account - Blizzard Support

Once the account is created, shut down the computer, wait 60 seconds, restart, log into the new profile and try the app/client.

That should do the trick but if it doesn’t I recommend opening a ticket to support for further assistance:

thank you for pointing out the multiple gpu problem. I only use the rtx 3080ti but in the device manager, I saw I had the intel gpu activated, I’ve uninstalled it. Maybe it was auto installed by windows when I updated my motherboard.

I will uninstall the nvidia driver and make a clean and complet install instead of quick and I will see from there.

For windows defender, I had a flag on the “application control and web browser” I “ignore it” win defender seems to be back on track, we’ll see from there.

Always had 2 screens before and never had a problem, I think it was really the intel gpu thing that was causing trouble.

Will test the game later on and come back to let you know. If trouble still on, I’ll move forward doing the long run you kindly explained.

Thanks for your kind help

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