Crash and loss of SR

the round hadn’t even started yet and the game crashed. i log back on not even 45 seconds later and im suspended for 10 minutes and i lose 50 SR. Super rewarding when ive been trying to climb out of gold all night then i get close and the damn thing just sets me back.

Howdy Dave,

I understand any crash or disconnect can be upsetting when you are in the heat of the action, on top of this just to return to a penalty can add to the frustration. We discuss our stance on this in great detail in the sticky post at the top Here. Our goal is to help avoid the core issue that caused the problem so moving forward you don’t run into this issue. If you continue to run into any issues we can help you troubleshoot. If you are just looking to provide feedback about this system, you can provide this feedback to our developers over in our General Discussion forums Here.

Thank you!