Couldn't enter hero select screen, stuck in the floor

I got kicked out of a ranked game because the game refused to load the hero select screen and I was stuck under the floor.

I would post a screenshot but can’t


I just had the same issue, mine was numbani


Hi there, I’m also having the same issue. This occurs to me sometimes when my ping is greater than 120ms or so, but it also happens randomly.

  • I usually play with my friends, when we’re about to join a game things seem fine. The loading screen shows up normally,

Now Travelling to… Illios

  • But then, I get stuck in an area of the map, usually in the middle, without the hero selection screen. I can see through some areas of the map, it’s like some textures are transparent. The hero select UI doesn’t show up at all.

I can see my other teammates select a character and move around the spawn room or the map. But I can’t do anything. I can’t type in the chat box. All I can do is open the menu.

The game thinks I’m inactive and kicks me out of the match.

*Here’s what I try to do to resolve the issue temporarily, I leave the game immediately, and then quickly try to rejoin (But in most cases, I get replaced by another player. Trying to reconnect successfully would have like a 30% chance of working)

It’s frustrating that I receive an xp decrease penalty because of this bug.

Sometimes trying to switch regions work, but rarely. I think it’s more of a network issue. When my network is fine, this doesn’t happen much.


Same here and tried to press the "hero selection button to get out of it but nothing happened… I just had the time to tell my teamates that i could’nt pick hero because i spawn under map and got quick for inactivity…

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You can post screenshots by uploading them to other sites and then linking them in the comments. Just make sure to add spaces in the middle of the URL so it doesn’t get recognized.

You are not alone in experiencing this bug. Here’s a link to my post in case you’d like to read more about this issue: Comprehensive Thread Of All Top 500/Competitive Bugs. I put your thread under: False Suspension And Ban. Please help in spreading the word about this megathread and other related threads regarding these issues.

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This also happened to me multiple times, every time I try to load into a game of over watch I’m just stuck under the map and can’t do anything about it. I’m currently on a 20 hour ban. Remind me when blizzard fixes this so I can reinstall their stupid game

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Yes im also getting this glitch in present time.

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Same issue here, while entering the game it just clip me into the floor of the map and the hero selection is not even on the screen, then it kicks me out the game for being inactive and penalize me for it, what a nice game this is.

Image below is what happened to me

I just started playing this game today on Nintendo Switch Lite, can’t even get past the practice room because I can’t get to character selection nevermind start a match.

Having the same issue. Twice now.

I just had the same issue in the competitive mode, I tried to reconnect, but I had already got banned for 15 minutes.

Happened numerous times, getting kicked out of ranked games, penalties of 15 minutes and one hours, and even effecting my rank score. heard that if you get kicked out due to inactivity too many times your account can get locked? This is my biggest fear as I’ve been playing on my account since overwatch1, bought many skins and battle passes. Please help resolve this issue overwatch :((