Couldn't click on anything when i joined a ranked game

Hello, when I joined the game I could move my mouse cursor but I couldn’t click on anything at all. So the game kicked me for AFK because I couldn’t take a hero. If you can give me back 50sr it might be nice.

This sounds like an issue regarding overlays.

Some are incompatible and might become invisible in some cases.
Usually caused by Discord, so be sure to turn it off.

If you in fact don’t want to close it down be sure you don’t tab out of the program when you’ve got the Overlay, because that’s the first way you can break it and make it invisible.

If it does become invisible try pressing the Overlay key-combination again and it should fix the issue.

Please check this Article regarding Overlay Incompatibilities.

I’m terribly sorry, but Blizzard does not refund SR.
You can read this Thread for more information regarding this.