Could We See 2-3-2 In The Future

It’s for q issues plus they are pretty much revamping every hero in some way in overwatch 2

Maybe remove RQ then.

No 2-2-2 is good it’s just that everyone wants to play dps and there R a ton of dps and they are pretty much revamping the whole system anyway

We have an LFG system for people wanting balanced compositions, we still went with forced RQ resulting in various of issues that were way harder to find a solution for than for Open Queue.

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Some people dont like talking to random strangers


Well, they could make it so people can switch freely between 222 and 132.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

I know why you want that but it wouldn’t be enogugh. Consider >75% want dps.

132 is the way go. increasing to 7 players will only cause more hussle. 6 players is already quite too much.

Open Queue nor Role Queue has anything to do with this?

Even in a Role Queue match you get put with strangers.

With Open Queue LFG it’s exactly the same.

role queue doesn’t require you to talk to anyone at all ever

lfg often does but not always

Would be nice to see it on experimental, but as was already mentioned…


LFG doesn’t require it either, it’s practically an empty argument saying that you have to talk in LFG.

Yeah not always, sure sometimes it does.

Though you can create your own group, and perfectly get it without talking to strangers.

Why are people trying to go against the LFG system whilst it is a great fix already for the 2-2-2 balance that people want.

We can fix the issues that Open Queue brings more easily than those from Role Queue.

But not everyone talks do they?

They could maybe make it a game mode. LoL once had a game mode called Hexakill where the 5v5 play style became a 6v6 on a map that was designed for 3v3

Right now, yes. After OW2 is out? Definitely possible.

Yeah, so?

How does this argument go against Open Queue with LFG?

The sequel is going to be fundamentally similar to OW1.

The only new thing about the sequel is a fully-fleshed PvE story mode.

PvP is out of the question.

I think adding a slot will just make queue times even longer.

1-3-2 will be our best bet.

You said people do Open Q anyway. Most people don’t even talk

financial cost, OW2 gonna bring money, think jeff think