Cosmic Crisis - expert/legendary

seeking team that won’t be a traitor, if you need traitor win of course we can all agree to help each other, just tired of traitors ruining expert/legendary

Happy to help. Cleared it with pubs surprisingly no traitor and didn’t see many myself in my solo runs. Which servers do you play on though?

EU, got expert done cause traitor got destroyed by our sigma

I’d be wiling to try but my ping might be quite high to EU .

don’t force yaself, don’t want people to slog/rage through just for others, if I don’t get it done I just don’t get it done, gotta find some fun out of the game afterall not brute keyboard flipping

Fair. I usually play on higher ping anyways so i’ll be willing to give it a shot. Otherwise have fun and good luck

up to you, don’t wanna ruin ya fun, but depends if we get 2 others or hope the other 2 randoms will be alright

though heads up I am best as either healer or Mei, often on legendary stuff I take alot of cover and take my time

Feel free to add me. I’m fine with any role but out of all the runs I did for pve I usually end up playing damage or tank .

whats ya full name so i can add ye, if not i log on and see what mine is for ye

Added. but you can just hover over my name- # that way

Added, have to see when best time is for us both, got this week off so hopefully that be easier for a few tries