Controls unbind after messing with color blind options


Today I was messing with the color blind options (specifically the enemy UI/friendly UI colors), I also changed some keyboard controls (movement, abilities, communication).

After changing these things I saved them, then restarted the game. When I re-entered I queued for a quickplay match and started playing, everything was fine and good until i tried to use a key that I had previously changed. When I went to look in the menu it said they were all still as I had set them, however they didn’t work when i pressed the keys and were back to default settings. I restarted the game multiple times and it kept happening on and off, it was fine if i reset them but then went back to defaults if i changed the color blind options.

I have no idea why it’s doing this but it’s super annoying, all i’m doing is changing the UI colors and changing a few key binds but they just keep messing up for some reason.