Contenders skins :c

I’m glad that I’m a Genji main, because we got the Genji contenders skins for freeeeeeeee :DDDDDD

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I suck at aiming as Genji lmao. Mercy/D.Va/Widow main here.

Watched about 2 hours of it last night (2am EST live). Fell asleep with it on so I probably accumulated 4 hours or so on that session.

It’s rebroadcasting right now, and says “logged in for rewards” so I’m assuming you could afk this rebroadcast and have it count towards the skins. Can anyone confirm?

Where is it rebroadcasting? Same site? And does it still give you the hours? And you said “right now” do you mean actually right now?

I set the video going with that first match (Team BM vs., uh, Phoenix?) match and had it running through to the end, but I think it was six hours long and you need seven hours to get the first reward. Helpfully, there’s zero, zip, nada, no way to confirm whether I’ve gained any kind of progress towards getting the skins at all. :blush:

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Yes right now on main site click play to watch vid. It’s a rebroadcast, but still shows as “live” and “logged in for rewards”. Just guessing, but you should be able to build hours on it (up to the vod maximum).

ikr and with their track record of not getting tokens to people…


Which tab? Schedule, News, etc? Cant find it anywhere.

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Yup. Concerned most will miss out on these skins because could never get the website to work with OWL.

Only the app.


I think the schedule is pretty weird. Today I tried to catch the last three hours of a stream but it ended two hours early.

Sucked because it’s the only stream til the 22nd I think.

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Someone told me it will show on the homepage, not there. Thank you anyways though! :slight_smile:

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Ew Widow main


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It looks like the live broadcasts will show on the homepage but I’m not so sure about rebroadcasts.

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Oh ok. Any ideas on where they would show? No worries if not!

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I’m sorry I don’t, my only idea would be at the bottom of the homepage but for whatever reason I have every region but the one I need for the rebroadcast.

It’s ok! Tysm for the help anyways, have a good day! C:

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I wasn’t much help, haha. If anything I made you doubt yourself.

I don’t have any proof that it wouldn’t be in the home page so I can’t tell you. I was just trying to suggest a different idea.

Sorry if it was confusing but you have a good day too!

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they are NOT making it easy to figure out when the next stream is

instead of seeing all matches by date, you have to click thru each region first, then look for the date

BLIZZ??!?!??! why you do this???

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Hey guys calm down, I have the full schedule in Chronological order posted in the new Streaming Troubleshooting Guide thread here. Most of the matches in the month of October are actually available during the midday for North American viewers.

There are matches in all three major continents coming up so there will be a decent time for most viewers to get up to 15 hours of broadcast time watched.

When the broadcast is live it will be avialable directly on the homepage at

No. You must refresh the page when the stream goes live, otherwise it may not load.

The direct Chinese broadcasts on Bilibili do not count, however watching the English “VODcasts” do.

Korea Playoff Broadcast lasted for a total of 6 hours and 30 minutes, on my schedule page I will be loading the total time of each broadcast. This gives an idea for anyone who watched whole live broadcasts on how many hours they earned watching.

Typically rebroadcasting do NOT count. The only exception was the Overwatch League Grand Finals and that is because there was a malfunction during a good chunk of the early part of the broadcast.

The contenders broadcasts is only on the website, but with Overwatch League, I could never properly narrow down why some users had a problem with the website versions. Most users did successfully use the websites without issues.

20th is the next session (South America matches).

They don’t typically do rebroadcasts directly on the websites (only on YouTube).


If you’re in an ineligible country, just use a VPN

Just as a fair warning, VPNs don’t typically work when it comes to Blizzard rewards that are restricted to certain countries. Rewards are issued based on which country is assigned to your Blizzard account regardless of where you are watching from (or where your VPN is routing to). In order to be assigned to an eligible country you have to apply for a country change with Blizzard Customer Service (and that requires proof of residence in the new country).

The good news is that the rules recently changed to allow most countries to earn these Contenders skins. (See my pinned forum thread for details.)

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