Constantly disconnecting, PC, TELUS ISP (Vancouver) + Blizzard hub

Been disconnecting in games consistently for the past 2 weeks now, on PC. It is definitely linked to the connection between Blizzard’s hub and TELUS (Vancouver ISP) since:

  1. discord still works, meaning it’s not an internet issue itself

  2. we were grouped in a 4-stack, 3 of us in Vancouver on telus, 1 in Seattle. Only the Seattle person stayed in the game, the others got booted at the same time.

Have been noticing someone getting booted and coming back shortly every 2-3 games, so it’s definitely not a coincidence. Reddit users have also reported the same issue with Vancouver Telus and Shaw ISPs also.

Please take a look at what is happening, this game is unplayable now. :frowning:

There’s an ongoing issue with some of the Canadian routing partners that Telus uses.

Your issue is probably related to this.

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