Constant mission disconnects - no disconnects anywhere else

Hi, sorry but im getting sick of not being able to participate (meaningfully) in something i paid 15$ for…
I regularly get forcibly disconnected back to the main mission screen usually every couple minutes, on any mission. It doesn’t matter which one. It usually happens after the first 1/3rd of the battery retrieval bar, on the first part, on underworld and every couple minutes thereafter. This type of issue means i definitely cant participate in legendary and expert is usually a bust because i get back and everyone is overwhelmed. It does seem to reconnect me semi quick - i have time to click on the mission map before it starts loading again.

At first i thought it was on my end, but i notice no packet drops whatsoever, and it doesnt happen anywhere else in the game (qp, comp, arcade). I went as far as to follow all the DC networking suggestions blizzard offers, but to no avail.

Forgot to mention, i am on PC, and it happens if i load either from blizz launcher or steam.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
i cross posted this from Bugs b/c someone from there suggested it.

I’ve been having issues for the last 3 days I’ll be in a game then kicked out but it shows I’m still part of my group of friends I can talk to them they’re in the game I’m on the main screen and it won’t let me rejoin.
Then today I tried mastery played for 2 mins then it booted me back to main lobby and said searching but I wasn’t qued for anything

Does this apply to you?

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Turned out to be the QoS and firmware of my r6260 ((I didn’t have the 6220 outlined in the other solution so just followed theirs as best I could - there is no bandwidth limiter option on the 6260, but I dialed my upload as high as it will go to compensate).

just played my first mission without a disconnect! woo! thanks for the assist!

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