Constant crashing intel ARC A770

I just built my pc with the intel arc a770 LE gpu a few days ago for the purpose of playing this game(since I had to use bootcamp and play on a macbook before). My experience is pretty much the same as yours, as I would play a few matches completely fine and then all of a sudden I would get the render device lost crash as well. It’s kind of frustrating because I don’t know when it will happen, resulting in me getting penalized and banned from competitive when it is not my fault at all. Hopefully this issue gets resolved quickly, or else I wasted $350 for nothing :sob:

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I’m not sure if it’ll help, but I was tracking a github thread where someone reported the bug to Intel, and said that changing CMAA to “Application Choice” in Intel Arc Control Global Settings fixed the issue. I’m unable to check as I’ve since swapped to a different card, but if anyone would like to try I’d love to hear the results.

I’m not sure if this helps, but it seems like the game crashes for me right after an ability I’d used. I think Rinehart’s abilities are what causes crashes most frequently, but maybe it’s a coincidence and it occurs due to the combination of his ability along side all of the other heros when in close proximity.

This is insane, it’s both companies’ problem since Intel has the FPS for OW2 on their charts and Blizzard has done nothing to take it down. Either support the cards or get your game off their advertising materials.

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