Constant crashing intel ARC A770

Hello, im getting constant crashes after the most recent game updates while trying to game with ARC A770 16GB LE on 12700K. So many that im getitng a -75% penalty now due to the game crashing. Is there any fix to get this working again?


I’m having this issue as well:,(


im also having the same issue.


i am having same issue but i am using arc a370m


It seems to be getting worse - and I don’t know where to start trying to fix. I’ve repaired the game, reinstalled drivers across the board and all I get from the crash is that the game encountered an error. Real helpful messaging there.
If it just crashed fine - but at least when i’m reporting a crash back to blizzard don’t penalise me for leaving games early.


I loaded up the game after the latest patch entered a game not even competitive mind you crashed 10 seconds in and got a 13 game -75%… If blizzard messed this up and caused the ARC to be unstable it’s not my fault pls stop this insanity and fix this mess.

I don’t get why blizzard is being overly punitive given I have evidence with an error reported issue of the game due to no fault of my own. I did not leave on my own accord whatsoever and that has been thoroughly logged and reported even to blizzard entertainment directly with their own methodology.

You cannot be prejudicial against intel video card owners this is very unfair. I would ask blizzard once here to reconsider their course of action against a 6% and growing market segment in the video card industry. Any marks against our in game records should be fully and rightfully retracted and an apology would be more than needed here.

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Overwatch 2 does not support this Intel GPU as our system requirements only support certain cards from AMD/Nvidia listed Here. Full system requirements can be found Here. The game will try to run on any hardware it’s able to run on but when it comes to unsupported hardware this simply means we do not design or test the game to run on this hardware. Which sadly can result in unknown drivers or conflicts to occur.

We would recommend playing on a supported device or platform such as console. If you would like to see support for these GPUs be added to the game make sure to post over on our General forums to provide that feedback to our developers. Thank you.

These cards are far more performant than most of the cards on the supported list. Can we please escalate the issue and have an engineer review this and implement a fix?

I don’t see why posting this in general discussion would be appropriate given the magnitude of this issue. This is a major problem you have just indicated and demands more attention than this, could go upward of millions of crashes/people potentially. This is not the response the intel ARC gaming community is looking for and more paramount to sweeping something under the rug.

MW 2 for example a newer release works fine on A770 LE, so I know there are engineers within or connected with the organization that know how to do this. This is not some old UHD graphics this is a high performance discrete solution capable of running ow2 at a very high level. There is a 3rd player and only saying AMD/Nvidia is ignoring both inclusion and diversity in the gaming community.

Please escalate, the community should not have to make noise in a general forum to be heard team blue has a voice maybe not as loud as team green or red but we deserve more than this.

Thank you.


This is an eSports title designed to run on basically anything. Even if you don’t officially support iGPUs, there needs to be support for budget cards like the Arc series, as they’re in the price range most accessible to PC builders on a budget.


Intel has entered GPU market aimed at gaming. This means that Blizzard must also support new Intel GPUs.


I posted on general discussion in hopes it would help the devs or anyone see it. If anyone wouldn’t mind commenting or liking the post to make it easier for them to notice.


Posting this technical issue asking for support in general will only serve to back burner the issue as it will be buried immediately. They know this also, as its obvious.

It really serves no purpose and is a rather bizarre suggestion by a forum moderator in my opinion. Its bogus the suggestion actually. :unamused: All these fake reports and crash reporting its all lip service. No action no result.

And for currently unknown reasons, absolutely no sense of urgency here concerning intel branded GPUs.

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Hello all - just a quick note to let you know we’re working with Intel on the Arc GPU crashes. I’ll post back here when we have more info.


Thank you for the support and update Bruce.


Thank god :smiley: thx Bruce

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Bruce, I’ve noticed the game seems to be working quite well lately on my ARC A770 LE 16 GB system on Core I7 12700K. I feel like you’ve really made a difference here and I’ve noticed. Either that or is Intels temporary driver update.

I noticed the support list referenced in this discussion mentions INTEL support for the integrated options which is great, but I was hoping that would include the ARC Alchemist as well for official support by OW2. Are we going to see that happen?

I have an arc a770 too, though my render devixe lost crashes have been happening recently l, including one today. Glad to hear blizzard is working on this issue to get support for the intel gpus. I thought i had a defected card or going crazy.

So uh how is it going ? :slight_smile:

what about general crashes? random freezing

Also having this issue. It wouldn’t be horrible if I weren’t automatically suspended without any possibility of appeal. This is a horrible policy. Do better.