🤨 Console question about aim changes

Can someone dumb this down for me in layman terms and explain whats this changes and how you should use it?

I been noticing some really suspicious kills lately and go figure there was a change 8 days ago that may explain why

Makes hitscans play a little better on console. It hard to explain but it best to test your settings in the practice range with each hero to see the difference on the bots.

My issue is when they say

“the aim assist target has been improved by choosing the target you are already most accurately tracking”

If there’s a tank nearby or directly behind a smaller target, the aim assist forcefully gravitates towards them instead of the smaller target, because the game assumes you’re tracking the big-butt tank instead of the squishy

I don’t play a whole lot of Ana, only in qp, can someone share their settings? Ever since the new system was put in I’ve been noticing my crosshair being pulled in some wonky ways

Like does this effect headshots with widow in some way, i been seeing people flick like they do on pc.

It’s kinda confusing i dont understand their technical jargon.

You had to have been able to hit hs before but it does improve consistency. And yeah I’ve seen some crazy Widow shots since the change.

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