Console matchmaking comp

Match making in overwatch 2 is atrocious and unfair. To be forced to play with people who queue competitive and either leave or throw games is unfair. I can’t rank higher, constantly being matched with players feeding other teams, tanks diving in 1v5ing and dieing and support dpsing. I have no way out of that, my rank is reflective of this. I shouldn’t be punished for other players lack of desire to play this “TEAM” based game. I can’t leave because I get punished with a ban and if I stay I’m punished with a loss. Completely unfair, it’s getting old real quick. I find myself searching for a new game to play more and more. I understand I may not be the best, but I don’t deserve to be matched with the teammates I have been. I cannot solo queue to anything higher than gold. I have a hard time climbing if I tank below silver 1. Once I’m in that range it’s like I’m playing with teammates who have blind folds on…its unfair to punish me and say, oh that’s your rank. It is definitely not…its sad how the ranking works and completely unfair to people who want to progress. I have never been in a game with such bad matchmaking, I’ve never struggled when playing well to win in shooters or relevsnt games except when I play overwatch. There’s times where I’m watching my teammates filter in 1 at a time dieing 1 at a time…no matter if I positively reencourage or bring to light in chat that this is happening. There isnt any team play between the ranks of bronze 5 and silver 3. It’s all cross your fingers and Leroy Jenkins. Constant players refusing to swap when being counter picked and constant stress. Games are suppose to be fun, you’d think the team would look alot harder at matchmaking or find a way to rid the game of people who constantly tank yhe player base. I’m so over this, this might be it to be honest. I’d rather play call of duty, pubg, apex…at least there’s more control on team play. You’re not stuck 1v5ing every fricken match…

To be completely in agreement, I played 2 rounds completely steam rolling as pharah and then i was placed in a pc queue and got absolutely sharted on by every character. It was first of all not aupposed to happen, and secondly par for the course. Just Uninstall overwatch

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I just play to have fun… I stipped caring if I ruin matches

It’s not my problem anymore.