Console keyboard and mouse

Since cross platform is out I think I’d be cool, if players on console would be able to use the keyboard and mouse that they have connected.


They should ! Lots of games support it natively. Now that cross play is live, it would be fair for console players to be more competitive by using a M&K while pooling with PC friends.


It’s a no-brainer! PlayStation and Xbox support keyboard and mouse natively, so it would just make sense. 9th generation consoles support 120 frames too, which is awesome for competitive.


Matchmaking according to your input method and the warzone input system is perfect for this idea, which is basically you select your input method and you can’t change it mid-game, also adding an option to custom games that makes it possible to switch input methods.

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No, it wouldnt. There are multitudes of reasons to keep controllers default, in partucular the nature of consoles being used as part of a TV based entertainment center and shared among multiple family members, not to mention the large groups of folks disabled and unable to use a “sit directly in front of the monitor” type of system.

I agree that they probably should enable KBM and then make settings wildly unusable so as to eliminate it as an advantage of any kind.

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Totally agree, and make a slight improvement to the stick and camera control settings, i got used to games where you can change the joystick dead zone and now it’s impossible for me to play OW since I got used to do smaller and more delicate adjustments to the stick, just for the game not to detect it!

I think that is what they are striving for.
Consoles adapted to the PC style of playing.
An opportunity to sell more products to have more consoles compete against PC.

“One ring rules them all.”

The problem is they both have rings.
Who will overextend to have the ring slipped over their finger to be taken over?

What they need to do is make it so if you use mouse and keyboard on a console, then it automatically puts you in the “PC pool” and if a PC player wanted the console experience, then they could use a controller and be put in the “console pool.” The game could disable their pc’s keyboard and mouse control when in game . I play on a series X with PC players in the “PC pool” and having to use a controller puts me at such a disadvantage, it feels like playing a different game compared to playing in the “console pool.” I am not fortunate enough to own both console and a PC. /cry

You could just buy a xim if you wanted to play mnk. Very looked down on though.

i agree… when my pc got stolen i was forced to use a console. All my teammates are on pc so i get put in a pc pool. FML.

Boo this man!
but in all seriousness: NO