Console game crashing

To start off, I am an Xbox player so I don’t know if other systems have been facing the same issue I’ve been experiencing. Ever since season 20 started, my game started crashing. And have lost 150 sr on my dps and 50 sr on my tank. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys looked into this problem and possibly retrieve some of the sr I have lost due to this issue. What keeps on happening is I would first loose my crosshair, then I you can’t see any of my abilities or anything else on my screen other than the gameplay, which is only till you try and fix this problem by pressing pause(start),which then your game freezes, and from this point on your stuck. And when you try to restart the game it won’t let you back in. So again please help me out by giving back some of the sr that was lost with this issue and also by fixing this problem so I can start playing overwatch without all this frustration in this matter. Thank you and appreciate your time.

Hey hey!

If you’d like to troubleshoot these crashes please go to #technical-support as these crashes seem client side related and not related to Blizzard themselves.

Secondly, SR can sadly not be refunded.
You can read more about that right here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties