Console ban/suspenion removal?!

I play on Xbox One and my account is Dyfrent. I was banned/suspended (I’m not sure which) and now I haven’t been able to play competitive on that account for a week or two. I can play quick play or arcade fine but the comp selection just says “unable to play while banned or suspended” how to i check the details of this because i checked my emailsand nothigs there

Find out which account.

You clearly don’t know which.

You’ve been suspended(which is blizzard word for ban) for doing something wrong.

You would’ve gotten an email saying so, check spam folders.

Lastly, wrong forum, contact blizzard support.

I would note he may simply be referring to a Competitive Mode suspension or ban. These are typically only caused due to leaving Competitive Games (including all disconnections and crashes). If the original poster is denied logging on to the game entirely and it indicates “ACCOUNT IS BANNED/SUSPENDED.” on the main title screen. That is an account action and yes, he must contact Blizzard privately through an appeal ticket.

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I can log into the game just fine but i just can’t play competitive. How do I make an appeal ticket for console?

A competitive ban cannot be appealed. As stated this is due to leaving Competitive games. Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

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okay well thanks for the help and all, but does this mean that i cant play competitive on that account ever again? Or is there some type of cooldown, say like waiting to the next season. And I’m confused on why i didnt get a email about it too

If you see the following on the locked competitive play option:

Season Ban

This means you are only banned for the Season and you will be allowed to try again next season. However this means you will not receive the end-of-season rewards (bonus Competitive Points, Player Icon, or Spray). This also means you are one step closer to a permanent ban (it takes three season bans to trigger a permanent ban). If you see the following on the locked competitive play option:

Permanent Ban

This is permanent ban from Competitive Play and that account will indefinitely remain locked out from Competitive Play.

The Competitive Leaver Penalty System is NOT the same as an account action for general Code of Conduct violations. All competitive suspensions and bans are automated by the game because it verified when you leave any matches.

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I dont see either of those, my banner for competitve is simply a bit grayed out and says something lile “cannot play this game mode while banned or suspended”

That might be a permanent ban. My images was before they did some minor menu appearence updates before season 10. To your knowledge have you ever been banned in prior seasons?

No, I’ve never been banned in previous seasons

Well I did speak with Blizzard Customer Service, and have confirmed you are looking at a permanent ban. Please review your account, for each season that you played Competitive Play (for at least 10 matches), check to see if you have the player icon for that season.

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Kinda a harsh ban lol, what do you mean check the icon

Look for these in your Player Icon list:

Yeah i have pretty much all of them, imve gotten ranked every season

I am sorry but that is a little unclear, for example say you have played in season eight for at least 10 matches, but you are missing the season eight icon, then that means there was a season ban in season eight. Does that make sense?

If there is not clear indication of at least three season bans on the record, I suppose you could start a web ticket, to see if there is anything different on record, but as mentioned, a Competitive Ban is not appealable. Be sure to refer them to this thread so they can see what we have covered so far.

Sorry for the late reply and previous unclear response. I have the icon for season 1. Seasons 2 & 3 I did not get play enough to get ranked on. And the i have the icons for all the following seasons except season 10, which is my banned/suspened season

Then speak to blizzard.

Launch a ticket and they should tell you why you were banned.

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How do I launch a ticket for a console ban/suspension

Click on “Support”
Click on “Overwatch” as the game type
Click on “Account”
Click “Contact Support”.

I would post a link but I can’t because I’m not “Trusted”

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I did all that but when I finally got to appeal action page and then competitive ban/suspension page all it told me was that they do not overturn bans or restrictions which is really dumb