Conservative snowflakes are ruining this forum

Heroes should be based around gameplay not really lore.

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Funny thing about that is that in recent years the sky is falling way faster in there camp than it is the liberals. Take a stroll down fox news lane. And stop a Sean hannity Blvd and you’ll see what I mean.

Hahaha, I was right on the money.

Uhm. What do you think white culture clubs are, or the general complaining about free speech attacks.

Conservatives want to return to a time where they could dunk on minorities without being called bigoted and having their feelings hurt.

That’s a safe space.


CNN is basically just “we will impeach trump”

“no different from discussing a hate group” equates it to a hate group. Which is a synonym for “the same”. So, and they’re free to correct me, they’re saying that LGBT is the same as a hate group. I’m sure they didn’t mean this, but it’s the logical conclusion of what they typed.

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But surely you see the issue with brushing everyone under the same rug using one person you disagree with as an example? If, for instance, you decided my views on the matter were less reasonable because of someone else, doesn’t that sabotage any ability you have to view the other side objectively? It seems like the sort of generalization that encourages preexisting anxieties and closes any chance for real discussion.


:joy::joy: that’s why I said its falling faster. We got the classic CNN you referanced then you go to fox news or alex jones and the government is sending people into schools to kill children to take our guns away.

Are you going to address the refutation your argument?

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“I will go ahead and lock this thread”

The knife cuts both ways, I just think it’s sharper against CNN

No offense, but there’s a reason Western society is in rapid decline. And the primary reason for that are progressives, SJW and third-wave feminism. Telling you that as a neutral outsider and observer. US so called “free speech” is in rapid decline because anything and everything is offensive. People lose their jobs over simple comments.

This is a political and sociological observation before someone flags me for supposedly offending someone’s feelings.

PS. I respect everyone’s opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion. :relaxed:

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Freedom of speech protects you from the government. It does not protect you from your job.

The difference is that LGBTQ+ is both an identity and a political movement while the others you mentioned are purely movements for or against a particular group. It’s an important distinction, which is why there has never been a thread that seriously asked for a feminist or anti-semitic hero.

Well, i don’t actually care to get the devs’ attention and i’m open to discuss preferential treatment when it exists.

My issue here is exclusively about posters being heckled and shouted down for expressing their wishes. We’re here to give feedback and part of that is telling the devs what we want. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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Exactly. When you start regulating quotas and hiring for minorities and women, instead of actually hiring based on merit (Scandinavian countries), performance naturally drops. When people start losing jobs that they deserve because they have said a random comment or have some opinion on something that has absolutely nothing to do with their job, performance naturally drops (US).

And so on and so forth.

Again, this is just a political, socio-economical observation not designed to offend anyone from a neutral standpoint.


This isn’t even a place for those kind of topics. People need to stop forcing their political beliefs on others, especially on a video game forum. Not everyone thinks and likes the same things you do, get over it. Keep it to yourself, not everyone wants to hear about that stuff.


Western society is not in decline. We are doing better than we did years ago by most measurable standards. There is less war, disease, famine, and more technological innovation, more inclusion, and more push for civil rights than ever before.

The reason you’re seeing strife is because racists and nationalists keep trying to start fights with minorities while simultaneously giving up their wages, healthcare, and other standards of living to rich people.

If you stopped calling the police on black folks enjoying a picnic and instead asked your bosses for wage increases and held your politicians to some sort of ethical standard, you’d probably be happier.

But instead you’re picking a fight with a black woman on a video game forum.


I’m locking this topic as it’s nonconstructive and taking a negative turn. Topics like these bring nothing constructive to the conversation around Overwatch. To avoid temporary account suspension, please refrain from posting threads of this nature.

Thank you.