[connection issues] Kicked from ranked game

Hey there,

I was just in a comp game and got kicked from the lobby.

On rejoining, which was just before the end of the game, I notice there are also 2 enemies missing. They also appear to have DCd.

My team won the game but I have been given a 5 minute ban and loss of 50SR rather than gaining anything. I had played the full first round. It was not my internet as everything else remained connected.

Is there any way to remedy this, I feel i’m being unfairly punished for what seems to be a server issue.

Many thanks,


They did have server issues, but they treat all disconnections, even ones they are responsible for, the same. More info here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

If you want to give feedback on their system, I recommend posting in General.