Confused about Moira changes

It is not a cleanse anymore. That was removed from last time they tried this.

Fade will phase out nearby allies as it did in the previous test, but will no longer permit Moira or allies to escape Zarya’s Graviton Surge or Sigma’s Gravitic Flux (this will also apply to Reaper’s Wraith Form). We’ve also removed the previously tested cleansing effects. Given the power of Fade, we’ve also increased the cooldown slightly.

The fade change can certainly be useful in certain scenarios, but don’t think about it like you have to utilize it in this new way.

It’s still the same fade but with even more invincibility time for the Moira.

I haven’t tested it to see when the cooldown starts, but if it starts during that 1 second of invincibility then they pretty much put it on a 7 second cooldown rather than 8.

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Yeah, I get that and that’s why I said I would use it the same way. But they want her to have big impact on a bigger level, like anti-nade, but this literally does nothing like that. It’s just a more beneficial for her than anything. As I said, just feels pointless.

It still cleanses the moira to be clear, just not her teammates.


  • Now phases out all allies within 6 meters (and self) for 1 second after exiting Fade
  • No longer frees Moira or allies from Zarya’s Graviton Surge or Sigma’s Gravitic Flux
  • Cooldown increased from 6s to 8s

That’s all experimental card says about fade.

Phases out is the same wording as before, that is an effective cleanse effect.

The only exception is Zarya and Sig’s ult. Ultimates I didn’t list.

Yes, in the “blurb” it says " Now, it cannot cleanse negative effects" I assumed that’s a mistake as it’s not explicitly listed in the list of changes.

Yes of course

They meant it not to cleanse.

To be fair, for moira herself I dont think the 1s invuln is that big of a deal. Especially outside of high ranks. Often people will take around 1s to locate and shoot at the moira again after her fade is over.

Never mind I have it open already

Yeah. It’s not meant to cleanse, it was intentional. So no more of those effects you listed. It’s made this pretty pointless.

Yeah, I would have preferred the cleanse, even if it only affected antinade specifically. Especially because then it might have kept a six second CD.

I wish they wouldn’t use terms like that.

What is “phase out”? What does that even mean?

The notes might as well say “it does something, heck if I’m going to tell you what it is, figure it out for yourself in testing”.

We’re scrabbling around in the dark here.

Well it has had the negative side effect of justifying a significant increase in the cooldown (33% increase) on an ability that Moira needs to stay alive all balanced by a dubious benefit.

This is mainly just going to be an annoyance to people, things will randomly not work and “oh yeah, moira’s fade”.

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Her orb changes confuses me though. Says it does 60 damage a second for three seconds to all enemies but dispels after 120 damage done to the target it’s latched on. How exactly is this going to last three seconds when in two it meets its requirement to be dispelled.

Yeah. This either requires someone to have amazing timing to maybe negate something, or it’s an accident and they’ll be annoyed. I fail to see how this is the move they made. Like it’s impact is not worth it, just pick Baptiste.

There is no limit on how much damage it can do now. If it lands, it will always do that 60 a second no matter what.

They could use a skill to reduce dmg, it doesnt go away if mei blocks while its on her, or zarya bubbles it. So if zarya bubbled the target, it should last 3 seconds, tho I assume that means it could do 180dmg to teammates, Tho im not sure on that.

I tested and if you have team-mates stood near you, it will also do 120 over three seconds to them as well. So it could do A LOT of potential group damage, imagine the ult charge.

When you tested tho, did you make it so the orb lasted 3s instead of 2? Cuz if u just orb the person, its only going to last 2 seconds unless they use a skill to reduce or remove dmg taken.

I don’t even know what it’ll stop.

Will this interrupt a hook? I don’t know, there’s no easy way for everyone to find out. Even if it did it would involve Moira essentially throwing away her means of defending herself for another 8 seconds as she’d have the almost immediately cancel fade.

The easiest counter would be to something like Dva’s nuke but do we REALLY need to undermine DVA? Is DVA the tank that’s running rampage and needs her wings clipped?

Of if they heal it or cleanse it with a bubble/fade/wraith/whatever then it stops if I remember correctly.

This is exactly why I made this post. This is literally pointless. Just pick Baptiste and use immo

I only tried as mei and zarya, But ice block with orb on you does not remove the orb. Nor did zarya bubble. So on a target like mei, if she uses ice block, it should sit on her for 3s instead of 2, since it wont be doing 120dmg to her. I wonder if that means it will do 60dps for 3s to ppl around her.

Ill go test that and get back to you :wink: