Confirmed: Wicked Moira is a Midseason Madness Skin


I hope y’all have your coins (300) ready for this absolute slayage!!


Oh, nice, a (good) skin I can actually get because it is free. This has no happened since near the launch of the game with Cartel Zenyatta.


When does it come out :clown_face:

Ya’ll like this skin? :face_vomiting:


I want her to headbutt me.

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As expected, should be next week.

…It changed?!
I remember it having the red/black that the other starwatch or whatever skins had.
When and why?

Those roses weren’t there before either.

My guess is on June 13, when Season 5 goes live.

It did not change. That is how the skin originally leaked/was showed before the Season 4 went live. When S4 went live it was removed from the game. But the skin always looked this way and had the roses. It’s possible that some things changed during this two months period tho. But we don’t know until June 13 or 15.

If I had the tokens for it, I would get it. But I’m not about to give Blizzard $18 for that skin. Which sucks because I wanna support the game monetarily.

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I don’t, because I never receive my coins despite being connected appropriately.

And no way in hell am I going to buy a skin with money in a game with this pricing and this level of predatory practises.

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I’ve always wanted a wicked queen skin.

I just realised they typed Moira as “Moria”.

I hate when people type it as Moria

but you know what’s worse than someone typing it?

People in game pronouncing it like Maria but with an o Moria

not sure if I like it more than ice queen, but free is free I guess

Excluding Blackwatch and Banshee, this skin is pretty nice

That and I’m a sucker for fantasy stuff…

Out now and it’s BEAUTIFUL!!

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Just like I thought - will dig into the earned reserves to unlock it as soon as I get home, thanks for the heads-up.

Kind of reminds me of Dark Empress Kitana from MKX, only Moira is uglier.